6 ways to liven up your home office with plants

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Your place of work is where you pour in your daily energy so as to make a living and trudge back home or to the comfort of your room, so that you may rinse and repeat the same action the next day. Well, there are ways to break out of the cycle that can come to spell boredom. One of the ways includes creating a green touch on and around your office so that you continue feeling fresh all day, every single day! So, how can you create a fuss-free yet pretty green patch on that desk to keep your energy from waning? Take a look at these classic and wonderful green ideas to know more!

1. ​A Clear Vase

You can use a clear vase to do up the top of your desk. Try and match it with the colours that you see around you. In the case of this room, the pink blooms have been used to bring out a bright punch when combined with the grey walls and the solid wooden furniture. The flowers have been placed in a pink tinted vase that makes for a delicate look in this robust space with its neutral leaning. The blooms bend over the desk in a delicate way. 

​2. House Plants

There are many house plants that can be added to your space so as to add a green touch. If you ask around in your nursery, you can find a list of plants that are ideal for counter tops in the kitchen as well as the living room. It would be best to keep these plants in a planter to line one side of your desk, like this slim white planter that holds pretty green grass.

3. Indoor Palms

Butterfly Palm Tree (Dypsis lutescens) homify Garden Plants & flowers

Butterfly Palm Tree (Dypsis lutescens)


Palms are an evergreen option to create a glamourous statement in the house. You can place potted palms in various corners of your home and office to make a larger than life green statement. Layer the space with comfortable seating, a desk and even some art work that will reflect the glorious greenery within the space.

​4. Create a Green Wall

Interior landscaping is the new trend that is revolutionizing indoor spaces and bringing a patch of much needed freshness where you really need it. The driftwood table with the glass top gets its perfect match thanks to the green wall that has been built on the side to act as living art work. The skylights on top give you a patch the blue sky as well!

5. ​A Mini Garden

Bespoke Terrarium Instalation St Pancras Hotel Foyer The Urban Botanist Living roomAccessories & decoration
The Urban Botanist

Bespoke Terrarium Instalation St Pancras Hotel Foyer

The Urban Botanist

Turn your desktop into a mini garden with these hexagonal terrariums that can be put together on a tray for a wonderfully eclectic green statement. Use succulents and bonsais with pretty pebbles to get the look right! Use a white tray to highlight the greenery and rocks.

​6. Hanging Statements of Green

The Modern Garden Edit homify Garden Accessories & decoration

The Modern Garden Edit


You can use many hanging planters like these to do up the wall near your desk so that green becomes a real theme in your space! For more ideas, take a look at another ideabook - 7 ingenious decor tips for a small home!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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