30 inspiring ideas for your living room

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Need some fresh and new inspiration to decorate your rooms? Your search ends here! Look through our compilation of 39 rooms that come with some amazing designs.

1. Warm and cozy

For homes in cold climates, a fireplace with a comfortable leather couch is an absolute must.

2. Comfy nook

Turn the extra space into a guestroom with a sofa cum bed with elements of brick and wood in the room.

3. Historical perspective

Take inspiration from history and add elements such as in this room from your favorite era.

4. Shades of cool

Nothing creates a cool and serene atmosphere as using the color white in your décor and on your walls.

5. Playing with heights

High ceilings are perfect for homes that need extra ventilation and a cool interior.

6. Less is more

Small spaces can be turned into comfy spaces with just the right amount of furniture.

7. Orange touches

Surprisingly, adding elements of orange to the room gives it a unique look and feel. Take a cue from this living room designed by the architects at Goo Arquitectos.

Natural light

Make the most of the ventilation in your room and ensure that you let the natural light become a part of the décor.

8. French touch

Go with more laidback colors and muted tones, such as the ones used here to give your room a more French feel.

9. Cool cobalt

Cobalt is a wonderful shade that can provide a cooling effect when combined with wooden décor and lots of natural light.

10. Dash of fuchsia

We love this all white room that has just the splash of fuchsia required to make the room bright.

Looking for more inspiration? You'll find it in this gorgeous 700 square foot apartment.

11. No walls

Instead of constructing walls to separate spaces, use furniture such as a couch. This way, you’ll have an open space that is divided.

12. Glass décor

There is nothing as charming as a well-crafted glass table with a wrought iron base, which is both modern and classic at the same time.

13. Book magic

Love books? Don’t forget to create a comfy area with floor to ceiling shelves and comfy furniture.

14. Soft shades

Smaller apartments should definitely use white and shades of soft colors such as lilac. What a wonderful sight this room is.

15. Weird wonders

For design enthusiasts, weird décor pieces work perfectly well and give the space a unique look.

16. Vacation mode

A Mediterranean touch, which uses large spaces, light, colors and the right type of lighting can work wonderfully in large homes.

17. Lighting techniques

For rooms without natural light, use the right kind of lighting and fixtures, such as the LED lights shown here.

18. Windows and windows

Large windows are a godsend for those who love natural light. Bonus points? Such large windows can provide beautiful views.

19. Monochrome love

Can you ever go wrong with a combination of black and white inside and outside a home? Definitely not.

20. Gray works

Gray-colored furniture is what you need to balance all the bright colors in your room.

21. Classic colors

Brown leather sofas are perfect for just about any décor style and look perfect in any room.

22. Minimalistic

We love the minimalist look of this room, with a deep green wall and minimal furniture.

23. Unique courtyard

An inner courtyard is the perfect setting for your living room, with the fresh air and natural light.

24. Bare essentials

Keep only what you need to create a space that looks perfect and clutter-free.

25. Fiery red

Dashes of red in the furniture can elevate the look of any room.

26. Tropical elements

All you need is some indoor palms to give your room a tropical feel.

27. Hidden spaces

Turn the space under your stairs into your little library or workstation.

28. Stylish spaces

Chic room décor pictured here is for every person who wants a stylish room that is worthy of design magazines.

29. Artistic touch

The use of glass, concrete, exposed brick and simple furniture is a wonderful combination.

30. Illusion of space

Use whites and minimal furniture to create the illusion of space in the small area.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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