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On homify, we have seen some incredible Japanese projects. There was the prismatic house in the woods, the home with the secrets to low-cost construction and the cool concrete house made warm with wood. Modern projects from Japan inspire us to adopt a fresh look at home architecture.

Today, we will tour the Sayo Home built at the edge of a golf course. It takes advantage of the natural beauty of the fairway in its backyard. The home has clean ultramodern design with earthy Zen design principles throughout. Wrapped in a natural environment that brings the fun of the outdoors inside the home, this house is a revitalizing retreat. Let’s start our tour now of this balanced and refined home!

Flat facade

The front of the house is boldly modern. The flat facade offers little insight to what the home is like inside. A facade like this protects the privacy of homeowners privacy and gives off a strong impression.

A sheer wall of rough concrete creates a minimalist industrial impression. The mysterious brown box extension seems to float above street level. Check out the mixed roof structure of the home. When we take a look at the back of the house we will be able to see the steep pitch of the roof that ends here at street level. Keeping with traditional Japanese design, the roof overhangs slightly on the exterior walls.

Multiple levels

This staircase has a bright atmosphere from the white walls and the extensive windows. A series of stairs like this connects the interiors of the front and the rear of the home. There is an interplay between the different sections of the home. Built in a tiered structure along a hill, the different heights create sunken and raised portions of the home.


Let’s take a closer look at the building materials of the home. Evoking casual sophistication, the ceilings are paneled in dark wood. Stone tiles on the floor bring more elements of nature into the home. Glass framed by black steel accompanies the natural stone and wood of the home. Together they create a harmony of materials where Zen meets ultra modern.

Sunken living room / Raised kitchen

Inside the home we can see how the innovative and dynamic space creates a comfortable home. Warmth from the cedar paneling helps make the space feel homey. The kitchen and living room are part of the same open arrangement even though they are separated specially. It’s a contemporary layout that creates a greater sense of space within. There is a serene atmosphere to the home because of the clean and minimal decor and furnishing.


At the centre of the home is this terrace that celebrates the beauty of nature. With a tree in the middle, you can watch the seasons change from inside the house. A private oasis on its own, this terrace is full of potential!

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The kitchen has plenty of windows that open up the home to the greenery of the nearby golf course fairway. Imagine having panoramic views like this while you eat breakfast every morning! Bright light coming in from the windows hits the matte black paint on the wood and creates a soft look. Just out of sight in the right corner, a wood stove adds a warm ambience to the room in the winter. It’s the perfect way to make a cozy home in the winter.

New heights

This incredible home has brought Japanese architecture to new heights. It's an impressive show of architectural prowess to build a home along a hillside. Combine that with its stylish ultramodern interiors and you have an unforgettable home. We hope you enjoyed our tour! Check out our feature on 10 marvelous modern homes you’ll love for more inspiration.

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