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The next home will take you back to the countryside, yet it will keep a precious sliver of modern urban living alive. How, you may ask? The answer is a minimalist style with oodles of panache for a wholesome look and feel. We have visited this compact villa and are now inviting you inside to catch a glimpse of the magic that its stone and white design is busy creating. Take this next home tour of the house done up by architects at Z House to know more!

​Stone and Wood for the Facade

The exposed concrete element of this home blends in a range surprises like the stone stacked corners of the various wings as well as the raw wooden doors and wrought iron fittings. This gives the entire space a rather enchanting look which is modern at once and rustic on closer inspection.

​Linear Angles

The home has been done up with a patio under the top block which is a box like structure sitting under a slanting roof. The windows have been scattered for a random yet well planned feel. The tiers of the slanting rooftops and the white walls make this angle a well styled one. Stone steps and a path lead you to the patio.

​Pops of Colour

The natural terrain has been kept alive and helps one reach the structure. The rocks form a great look with the steps. There are many pops of colour to balance the neutral theme of the home including the red and yellow paint that one can see around the inset of the windows.

​Wholesome Look in the Mezzanine

The view from the mezzanine floor is a warm one with neat wooden planks sitting smoothly across the slant of the ceiling. The walls are a cream hue and plenty of natural light flows in to touch the chrome railing cladding the sides of the stairs.

​Solid and Stylish

The stylish and simple home has a raw wooden appeal about it. The stairs leading you upstairs and downstairs have been done up with repurposed wood while the flooring also has a rich unpolished mocha hue. The pops of colour come from the doorways as well, much like windows. Yellow and red add colour here.

​Many Angles and a Simple Twist

The alignment of the home is an interesting one as it opens out towards various directions. The lower levels enjoy a play of stone to match the surrounding area, while warm wood can be seen rubbing shoulders with the white walls, above. A terrace sits pretty in a corner pointing out from top.

​Curved Red Statement for Staircase

This staircase is cocooned on one side with wooden environs and an edgy red curve for the railing.

​Homely Vibe in the Kitchen

The kitchen has sandpapered wooden surfaces and large bulbs for lighting as well as a stone wall that ends in a triangle under the slope on top. This makes for a distinguished country vibe.

​Sitting Atop a Hill

This home sits above a rocky hill and is conspicuous thanks to its asymmetrical angles. Here is another home tour for more inspiring ideas - A lovely house that will leave you in awe!

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