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There's something to be said for tradition building styles, which remain an abundant source of inspiration for architects, having proven their worth over centuries. However, in this homify tour you'll get a taste for the nontraditional – these architects from South Korea take a major leap away from traditional building styles, embracing a dynamic, high-energy, and complex design full of crazy shapes and unconventional room designs in the building of this modern family home.

​From above

A view of this massive home from above is striking! Not only is the sheer size of the structure a rather formidable aspect of its design, the way this concrete, zinc, and wooden structure sits within the soft canopies of the mature forest provides a mesmerizing, high-contrast juxtaposition of the natural and man-made.

​Interlocking design

This home is full of unexpected twists and turns, with rooms appearing to sprout out of nowhere. This surprising outcrop is an example of this unusual design, which gives the structure a puzzle-like appearance where separate modules have been designed to fit together.  This robust construction is made with a zinc roof, flanked on both sides by an industrial-style concrete base, with some walls made with a lighter wood – a dynamic scene that portrays a clear sense of individuality and unconventionality.


Clearly, no expense has been spared in the construction of this home, and no detail has gone unnoticed! Every aspect of this room is filled with interesting, unusual designs, like the edgy red stools at the counter, the unusual placement of a freestanding sink on the opposite wall, and the the curving staircase that looks like some kind of futuristic roller coaster.

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​Dining room

Nature is important element in this design, as the heavy concrete structures, grey surfaces, and heavy materials could otherwise serve to weigh down the space. The dining room has a built-in planter that serves as part of the room's design nestled beside the steps that ascend to the foyer.

​A twisting tour

The interiors of the home seem to have a mind of their home, offering up hallways and stairs that twist and turn as you move along them. This hallway has been given a clear bannister that lets light illuminate the beautiful wooden wall on the far side of the room.

​Nooks and crannies

You may have noticed that no room in the house employs a traditional square or rectangular shape. It seems that  nothing is truly flat, straight, or still in this design! This room, for example, offers a little elevated platform in an oddly-shaped corner, a highly personalized feature for someone who enjoys downtime in a quiet, isolated, and private space.

​Bathroom of dreams

With a custom bathtub that dwarfs a conventional tub, this enormous bathroom looks like something from a dream, with a certain Greek or Romanesque quality in the style of the central stone basin and symmetrical room layout. Of course, the tub isn't the only great aspect of this room – the entire space enjoys lovely views over the treetops!

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