A fold-out holiday home for play and pleasure

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The architects who designed this summer house have created a simple, modular home perfect for a simple life in the country. The house – measuring just over 500 square feet – squeezes a large set of functional elements into a small, economically wise space. 

This modular home is not only a fantastic option for a weekend out of town, but also a multi-purpose space that accommodates a range of lifestyle and activity options. As a holiday home, the price of building the home has been kept relatively low, with many of the components being manufactured beforehand and assembled on site – an aspect which also minimized interference with the natural features that closely surround the home.

​Container-style frame

The simple, box-like frame of the home has several benefits – one big benefit is that building a container-style home doesn't require a building permit in Russia! Another advantage is a low price point and easy portability. The orange hue on the metal frame is oxidized steel, with portions of the walls in a durable larch wood material, creating a surprisingly rustic, sophisticated look for a home that's constructed largely out of a metallic, industrial material.


Although the home doesn't really have a proper backyard, as it has been plunked down in its own slice of paradise in the clearing of a forest, the back of the home offers a friendly porthole for gazing out at the grass and trees. The rich texture offered by the grainy wood and rough metal are all the more beautiful in this close-up view.

​Four-seasons home

It's a holiday home – but not just for summer holidays. As evidenced by the supply of chopped wood that sits safe and dry in its own little sheltered container, the home is equipped to stay warm year-round!

​Fold-out floor plan

Before you cross the threshold of the front door, here's a closer look at the overall design of this unique property. This graphic shows the features that allow this home to transform with the seasons: namely, a fold-out picnic table on the porch, a sliding door that opens to the backyard, sliding panels that can be drawn to cover the front windows, and fold-out walls/doors on the right that provide a little more wind and sun protection for the large window on the end of the home.

​Patio with fold-down table

Directly attached to the container is a wooden terrace spanning an area of 320 square feet, which can serve as a fantastic multifunctional space for leisure activities. Thanks to the large windows, the interior of building is visually expanded, blending the indoor and outdoor spaces of the home into one coherent space. An awning can be pulled down to provide shelter over the patio on hot – or rainy – summer days.


On the inside, the house is designed to feel cozy and comfortable. To take advantage of vertical space, a rope net has been installed as an area for children to play and climb up above – surely a popular feature for the kids! Judging by the size of the couch, you can see that the home is only a few yards across – barely enough to fit the sofa – but it uses every inch of available space wisely. In fact, the home fits two bedrooms, a bathroom, dining area with stove (shown on the left), and a kitchen.

This box-shaped house might look simple, but its design is clever and innovative! Check out another modern, innovative, and box-shaped house in this ideabook tour!

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