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20 sensational Scandinavian style rooms

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HOTEL CAL REIET – GUEST HOUSES Bloomint design Living room
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Scandinavian style is undeniably a favorite, an inspirational aesthetic for anyone looking to infuse their home environment with simplicity and rejuvenation. Interior designers everywhere are finding their clients requesting that certain Scandinavian look.

Here's a few core tenants of Scandi style, and how they enhance your rooms:

Natural materials: unfinished wood is an especially popular material in Scandinavian schemes, but other natural materials such as branches, plants, linen, canvas, fur, leather, and wicker also make the cut. Scandinavian furniture and decor attains a certain ability to providing grounding and establishment, creating a close connection to the nature that has been infused into the room via natural, unfinished, and raw materials.

Neutrals: tones that are sandy, woody, and earthy in nature often dominate Scandinavian colour schemes. 

Light hues: you'll be hard pressed to find a Scandinavian-style living room full of deep jewel tones (although you'll find light splashes of them, surely). Instead, Scandinavian colours schemes are kept light, often using hues with a creamy, pale, or pastel characteristic.

Lightweight furniture: natural materials are the grounding element in Scandinavian decor – this style does not rely upon heavy, large pieces of furniture to maintain a sense of weight and establishment. You'll find that Scandi rooms often appear light, with fine lights, lightweight materials, and plenty of negative space characterizing the furniture and decor.

Geometrical themes: looking around a Scandinavian room, you're bound to find a playful mixture of geometrical patterns that are often intricate, crisp, and subtle in nature.

Quirky baubles: Scandi style loves to infuse a quirky sense of personality into the room. Funky odds and ends, small figurines, and artistic or abstract representations of nature are often present.

1. Sitting room

HOTEL CAL REIET – GUEST HOUSES Bloomint design Living room
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

9. Kitchen

12. Dining room

14. Studio apartment

15. Bedroom

18. Foyer

19. Accessories

Clapham Common Flat 2 YAM Studios Scandinavian style bedroom
YAM Studios

Clapham Common Flat 2

YAM Studios

20. Living room accessories

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