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​7 lighting mistakes you should cast to the shadows

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There are many decor mistakes that can mar the artistic and creative beauty of a space. The way we express ourselves is a unique thing, yet there are certain rules and boundaries that we need to adhere to, so that our creative expressions make coherent style sense. From organization to flow and even the kind of theme we choose, there are many aspects where we can go wrong. Lighting is one such subtle field that can make or break your decor scheme. So what are the lighting mistakes that we make? Let us take a walk through these seven mistakes to learn more!

1. ​Only one source of light

One of the biggest lighting faux pax that we make is when we use only one source of light for the entire room. This creates a dull and drab look with a badly lit effect. The space becomes one that we try not to frequent as it loses its charm and functionality as well.

2. ​Too bright

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Studio Hooton

Luxury Bathroom

Studio Hooton

Lighting that is too bright is also another design mistake that many of us make. This is especially true for spaces like the bathroom and the kitchen, where we end up installing intensely bright lights. The key is to, instead, focus on highlighting various areas with soft and focussed lighting, which will be easy on the senses and not as overpowering.

3. ​Wrong wattage

A bright lamp right above a sofa, and dim lighting in the wardrobe - these are the typical lighting mistakes that many of us end up making. Before we install the bulbs and tubes or track lighting in a space, we need to consciously think of the space and the needs that we have when we are in that space. Glaring lights in the living room will only distract people from having a conversation and dim lighting in the closet will keep you from finding your essentials when you most need them.

​4. Profusion of recessed lights

When there are too many recessed lights in a room, the effect can be confusing rather than stylish. Recessed lighting is best used in order to highlight certain features or elements – rather than all of them! So pick and choose your spots even as you keep a good distance between the lights.

5. ​Lack of dimmers

Mood lighting is the way to go, and you would do well to cater for this by installing dimmers with your luminaries. Switch on and off or subdue at will, so that you are able to use the same space for a number of purposes from parties to romantic dinners and so much more!

6. ​Switch placement

Basement with Light well, Clapham SW11 TOTUS Modern kitchen

Basement with Light well, Clapham SW11


When you place your switches and sockets, ensure that they are in a corner or a height which is accessible for anyone and everyone, even as you conceal the socket well.

7. ​No lighting in the wardrobe

Cutting Edge Bathrooms and Bespoke Joinery for the House in Dulwich Temza design and build BedroomWardrobes & closets
Temza design and build

Cutting Edge Bathrooms and Bespoke Joinery for the House in Dulwich

Temza design and build

This is a major mistake, which could lead us to grapple in the dark with very little efficiency when we need to get dressed on time! Take a look at few more inspiring ideas - 30 inspiring ideas for your living room!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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