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15 gates that will impress the whole block

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The doorway to your home is one that should ideally reflect your personality as well as the character of your home. There are many ways in which you can make the ideal first impression. We have brought you a collection of 15 doors that will be an inviting addition to your home’s facade.

1. ​Interlaced metal

The interlaced industrial metal design is one that makes for a robust yet stylish statement in any kind of home and theme.

2. Modern oriental

The terracotta roof over the modern gates makes for a rather modern oriental look that will have your visitors swooning!

​3. Stainless steel with cutwork

The beautiful and delicate cutwork in the solid stainless steel gate creates an artistic look. The shine of the steel makes the pattern come alive with a peekaboo vibe.

4. ​Rustic flavour

This rustic wooden door with a trellis on top makes for a down to earth statement which would do well in a home, bearing a stone or wooden facade. The stone pillars are the right addition to this gate.

5. Eclectic look

This gate combines a variety of metals from marble to stone and even metal and bricks for its eclectic look. The effect is a very creative one!

6. ​Sliding gate

The gate of this home is a neat sliding one with stone tiles on the wall to create a formal and solid look. Lamps have been fixed on top for maximum effect.

7. Varying heights

This gate replicates the classic picket fence with a modern twist, thanks to the stainless steel used. The little square holes punched into the planks also make for a modern statement.

​8. Classic elegance

This elegant gate has a design embedded to the top border while classic grills rest underneath. The effect is an impressive one that does not let you get away without a second glance!

8. ​All weather folding gate

This folding gate is made up of all-weather aluminum, which makes it a practical option for many kinds of places and climates. The modern design makes it all the more appealing.

10. Wooden gates

The wooden gate of this home makes for a homely and charming statement even in the looming luxurious façade, which may seem intimidating to many. The palm trees nearby add to the wholesome appeal of the slim gate.

11. White waves

This metal gate is a sliding one that has been painted white as it slides in and out of its granite boundary and fence. The contrasting effect makes it all the more stylish and edgy.

12. Wide door

The wide gate here is a sliding one that is uber stylish and minimalist even as it enjoys a robust wooden shade.

13. ​Elegant wood

The timelessness of wood has been captured well in this simple yet sleek door, which combines the planks in a horizontal stack.

​14. Swirls of style

The delicate swirls of this gate have been rendered in iron for a delicate yet solid effect.

​15. Welded aluminum door

This automated gate has been welded with aluminum and it follows the slant of the ground. Take a look at another ideabook for more ideas - Wonderful Ideas for a Green Desktop!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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