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Leigh Leigh
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Today, we are going to look at how design professionals BTL Property LTD have converted and extended a family house, ensuring that it makes the absolute most of the space within the kitchen and the garden.

The ground floor of this home had previously been extended, but the construction had resulted in the splitting of the kitchen, the dining room and the cooking spaces.

In this project, the architects demolished the ground floor and then used a steel frame to form the basis structure of the extension. As you will soon see, the results are simply flawless. 

The rest of the house also received a refurbishment with new bathrooms, new bedroom layouts and plenty more storage. The final look and feel is a beautiful family house with subtle features.

The main renovation took 18 weeks but it wasn't just the house that got a facelift. The garden was landscaped and constructed by BTL's Boutique Division. The owners wanted an attractive, modern, low maintenance, practical garden featuring a BBQ area, football-resistant raised flower beds, irrigation, lighting, a trampoline area, astro turf lawn and gravel paving. 

They got it all!

Simply flawless

At first glance, you can see why this is a simple family house you'd want to copy!

The traditional family home is gorgeous and grand, with a subtle white wall and an orange tiled roof. 

The extension is flawless in the way that it works with the original home, jutting out with a sleek, flat roof and similar, subtle tones. Do you see how the property has now been completely utilized, with a whole new living area thanks to this extra building?

The gorgeous green garden is well-organized and beautifully designed, enhancing the neutral colour palette of the facade.

The beautiful garden

Here we can see just how gorgeous the garden is with its stylish shape, bushes of lavender and lollipop trees. This is a wonderful example of how much of a role a garden plays in a home design, changing the whole look and feel of the exterior space.

This is why it's so important to invest in some good gardening tools or a gardener who will help organize and landscape the exteriors. 

Don't be afraid to go for something different and unique, allowing your personality to show in your garden design.

The extended area

The extension has been utilized for a kitchen, dining room and TV room. For families with kids or who have guests staying often, a whole new living area like this is fantastic, freeing up space throughout the rest of the home.

The designers have gone for an open plan style throughout this space, with the rooms all flowing into one another. This makes for a very spacious and expansive interior design. 

The TV room features cozy and comfortable chairs, with a homely rug and some soft and plush cushions. The blue tones create a very relaxing environment, while the fireplace allows the family to cozy up in winter.

Remember that fireplaces are also a great design feature, especially when they look as savvy as this one. Have a look at these hot fireplaces for the modern home for inspiration!

The sleek kitchen

The designers have gone for an all-white kitchen, which is subtly separated from the rest of the living area by a very sleek kitchen bar. Furnished with bar stools, this is also the perfect area for sharing a cup of coffee and a funny story about the day!

White kitchens, especially if minimalist in design, are very appealing in that they look very clean, neat and organized. You'll notice that the counters are bare except for the most necessary and functional of elements. 

Tip: A vase of flowers can add a beautiful and natural form of decor to a kitchen space.

Open spaces

Here we can see how the dining rooms opens up onto the gorgeous terrace, creating a wonderful interaction between the interior and exterior spaces. The living area also looks so much more spacious an interactive with the doors opened!

The designers were asked to create an attractive, modern and low maintenance garden with a barbeque area, where the family could play with the ball without damaging the plants. In this image, we can see the functional yet stylish barbeque area as well as how it works with the garden, creating an interactive family space.

It's all in the details

At the back of the dining room, we can see that the designers have thought of simply everything! They've installed a wine fridge in the dining room, so that diners have easy access to chilled wine.

Warm, wooden stairs lead up to a little study area, complete with a bookshelf where books and decor items can be stored neatly away, while still on display.

Do you see how it's the little details that bring charm and character to a home?

A peaceful bedroom

The bedroom is tranquil and spacious with warm, earthy tones. A large skylight as well as a big window ensure that this room receives plenty of natural – a must for any modern home. 

The design is very simple in this space, with only the most functional and necessary of items on display. Everything else, including personal items, have been stored neatly out of sight thanks to the adequate amount of storage space. 

Tip: Add a mirror to a room like the designers have done here to create a sense of space. It will also allow you to check out your outfit before you leave!

The kid's bedroom

With a kid's bedroom, you can afford to be a little bit more creative and have some fun. This is exactly what the designers have done here, introducing beautiful blue tones to the space. The toys and books bring character and charm to the space. 

The bunk bed design is very effective too, taking up little space while allowing for plenty of room for the kids! Don't you love the drawers beneath it, where extra toys can be stored neatly away?

The simple white bathroom

This is a great example of how fabulous a plain white space can be!

This modern bathroom, separated from the bedroom by a glass wall, is very sleek and stylish thanks to the white tones. Artwork also has a space in a room like this, bringing a serene touch to the design. Black and white is very striking!

Good night

We end off our tour at the front of the house, where we can see just how magical and warm this home is. The extension and renovation has just made this home more appealing, if possible!

Beautiful lights have been installed throughout the exterior space, enhancing the details and design of the facade. The results speak for themselves.

Have a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for modern houses to see how you too can achieve the same look and feel!

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