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9 decor blunders you should banish from your bedroom

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We all know how important our bedrooms are. It's the space where we really get to relax and escape from the rest of the world, which is why it's so important that they are not only aesthetically appealing but comfortable and cozy too. 

Once you have your dream bedroom design down, there are little mistakes that you could be making on a daily basis that are compromising just how homely, functional and inviting this space should be.

This is why today at homify, we have put together 9 common bedroom mistakes. These will not only make you aware, but ensure that you don't continue making them throughout your life.

It's incredible how a few small changes can change the whole look and feel of a room!

1. The wrong rug

You can have the perfect linen, a top quality bed, plush cushions and lighting that creates the most incredible ambiance… and yet it can all be ruined with the wrong rug. 

Choose a rug that brings personality and charm to the space, without distracting from the original design. Here we can see how a patterned rug enhances the room rather than creates a design clash. Also be sure to go for the right sized rug.

2. Messy surfaces

THE LIVIA Eightytwo Modern style bedroom



The look and feel of your bedroom can quickly deteriorate if your bedside tables are littered with books, tissues and medication, your desk is piled high with papers and files and your shelves are in disarray. Take direction from minimalist design, opting to keep only the most necessary of items on display.

3. An untidy bed

Making your bed as you get up and out of it should be a daily ritual. There's nothing worse than coming home to a bedroom with an unmade bed!

4. A space littered with accessories

Again, quality over quantity! Only include the most functional of items in your bedroom, with a few carefully selected decor items and accessories.

5. The right light

Proyectos de interiorismo varios estudio 60/75 Modern style bedroom
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

Your bedroom should feature as much natural light as possible so allow your windows, doors and even your skylights to let the sunshine and fresh air flow through your bedroom space. Also invest in modern bedside lamps, which provide ambiance and a beautiful soft glow in the evenings. 

6. Too many colours

Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom



While you can afford to have a bit of fun with colours and patterns, don't introduce too many at once. Choose one colour and introduce different shades of it, like these design professionals have done. 

7. Not enough storage space

In order to have a neat and well-organized bedroom, you need to have enough storage space where clothes, products and other items can be stored out of sight.

8. No closet

Príncipe real apartment lisbon fala

Príncipe real apartment lisbon


Speaking of storage space, you need adequate closet space where your clothes can live. If necessary, turn your spare bedroom into a walk-in closet. There is nothing worse than not being able to find your clothes because they are all stuffed into one, little closet. Allow them some room!

Also have a look at these alternative clothes storage ideas for those without a closet.

9. Cords and cables everywhere

'Lilac' Girl's study/bedroom furniture set by Siluetto homify Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs

'Lilac' Girl's study/bedroom furniture set by Siluetto


Keep your phone chargers, lamp cords, hair straightener and other cords and cables out of the way! Nothing says messy like cables littering the space. 

Also have a look at the best location for the TV in your bedroom.

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