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6 things your kitchen needs in 2017

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Next year is the year that you are going to shine in your kitchen, whipping up those dishes you've always wanted to! You'll blow guests and family members away with your incredible culinary abilities as well as your gourmet feasts.

Yet, in order to create incredibly delicious meals that will have family and friends talking for years to come, you need to have a kitchen that is prepared. With modern technology, there are so many gorgeous additions that you can make to your kitchen, which will make it more convenient and more fun to roll up your sleeves and get cooking.

Are you ready to see 6 things that your kitchen needs in 2017?

1. Durable flooring

While you're in the cooking zone, you don't want to be tripping over rugs, slipping on tiles or catching your toe on anything. Opt for simple flooring that's easy to clean, non-slip and very durable. Industrial screed or cement is a great option!

2. A Kitchen island

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DUA Architecture LLP

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two

DUA Architecture LLP

We've said it before and we will say it again. A kitchen island is a must!

Kitchen islands are functional, providing your cooking area with extra storage space as well as an extra surface area for cooking or preparing food. They also provide a focal point to the kitchen, where family and friends can gather around and chat to you while you cook.

Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure for more inspiration.

3. Lighting

No one wants to feel like they are cooking in a dark, hot and stuffy space. 

For starters, opt for as much natural lighting as possible. Speak to a design professional about installing skylights and as many windows and doors as possible, allowing fresh air and sunshine to flow in.

Also opt for spot lights that will allow you to see what you are cooking at night, without disturbing the ambiance of the room.

4. As much storage space as possible

Your kitchen should be neat and organized at all times, which is why storage in this part of the home is so important. Opt for a modern and minimalist look and feel, keeping anything that isn't absolutely functional or necessary stored out of sight.

Have a look at these 8 clever ways to improve kitchen storage.

5. A good fridge

While it's an expensive step to take, a good fridge is a worthwhile investment that will last you many years to come. Save up for your dream fridge that shoots out ice blocks and has more than enough space for all of your favorite ingredients. Cooking will be a pleasure!

6. Stick with the times

When it comes to kitchen items and accessories, don't be afraid to try the latest technology. Sometimes it can make your life simpler and easier.

In fact have a look at this article: Behold! Kitchen technology to update your home!

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