5 of the most oddly-shaped homes of 2016

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If you like to colour outside the lines, then you'll love these daring, wacky, and wild homes! From Australia to India, these houses are architectural wonders. Kudos to the architects who like to think outside the box. 

1. Topsy-turvy

The structure and nature of the materials play a decisive role in this lively home; the architects have designed the exterior as an abstract interpretation of the surrounding nature, binding the house to its environment. The main façade is made of fine stoneware tiles, its curved structure playing nuances of light and shadow created by the asymmetrically shaped surfaces. This “twisted” design provides the viewer with a constantly varying three-dimensional depth filled with a sense of movement. 

The concrete roof has been covered with green tartan; its dynamic angular shape connects everything from the highest point of the building down to the grassy yard.

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2. Space-age

In a clearing in the woods near Beekbergen, this unique villa built by architects from Factor Architectentruly stands out as a work of modern architecture! From the street pops up a conical concrete sculpture with a curved thatched roof, identifying itself with a sleek, white spaceship exterior in between the forest of mature trees. Most notable is this home's unique cylindrical shape, giving the home a special appearance that's somewhere in between a tee-pee, an Egyptian pyramid, a castle turret, and a spaceship.

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3. Wild and flowing

The “Brick House”, as the architects nicknamed this project, is situated amidst rural settlements in Wada, near Mumbai, India. In this initial view, you can gain a sense of the organic character infused in its design, as its fluid form emerges from the ground and flows with curved dips and peaks into the skyline in a gentle, harmonious balance. The interior is full of flowing surfaces, domes, organic shapes, and fluid, circular designs.

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4. Changing face

The first thing that you notice about this home is it's highly unique blocky character. These architects used many different angles and intersecting lines to create a highly energetic structure, with a plain white exterior allowing the unique blocky shape of the home to take centre stage.

They say that a first impression is lasting, but this clearly doesn't apply to this house! This structure tends to change its mind at the flip of a coin. One minute it's the bold white geometrical wonder that you see here, and the next minute it's a low-profile structure just barely sticking out of the ground. 

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5. Inverted cliffside home

Cliff House by Modscape Concept external Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd
Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd

Cliff House by Modscape Concept external

Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd

Creativity meets bravery in this one-of-a-kind cliffside design! A five story home hangs precariously over the edge of a cliff in this breathtaking concept house along the coast of Australia. Gone is the typical home layout, as this structure has needed to rearrange itself to adapt to its settings. A garage sits on top, while the other rooms are connected by an elevator below. 

Most home sit on the ground, while this one becomes an extension of the land itself!

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What do you think of these wild, wacky, and crazy homes? Comment on these odd shaped houses below!

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