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10 small homes that you'll fall in love with

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If you're a fan of homify, you'll know that small homes in no way, shape or form necessarily mean compromising on trend, functionality or style. In fact, if anything, smaller architecture forces designers to be more cutting-edge, more dynamic, more innovative and more creative in their work, which results in homes that are simply out of this world.

Sometimes we can get a bit down at the thought of living in a small, cramped space, however. It can be hard to find inspiration, especially at this time of the year when the days are hot and the nights are even hotter! A small home can seem positively claustrophobic.

But don't despair. Today we are bringing you 10 small homes that will make you fall in love, reminding you just what you found so attractive about your small home to begin with. Not only will this help you to appreciate it more, but you'll be inspired to make some changes to make it that much more savvy!

1. Charming colours

If your home is small, distract the eye with bright tones and flashy colours, like design professionals Michelle Martins have done here. Not only will you inject your small home design with charm and personality, but you'll turn heads too!

2. Natural light

If your home is small, natural light will be your best friend! Invest in as many skylights, windows and doors as possible and allow sunshine to flow into the interior space and open it up.

Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

3. A welcoming entrance

No matter how big or small your home is, it should envelope guests in its warmth and charm right from the get go.

This rustic home features a covered entrance, which keeps guests out of the rain or sunshine while they wait for the door to be answered. Pot plants bring a natural touch of beauty and decor to the space while the large, wooden door is very appealing.

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4. The minimalist design

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ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

This little home features a very sleek, innovative and minimalist design that is incredibly eye-catching. Based in a beautiful field, this is a wonderful example of how a small home allows for more flexibility when it comes to location. Embrace it!

5. Traditional works

Don't discount older and more traditional buildings. They can bring a real sense of charm and beauty to a neighbourhood. This type of older architecture is also bound to feature high ceilings, which will make the rooms seem that much bigger.

6. Connected to nature

A smaller home also allows you to really work with the exterior space, installing a gorgeous garden or terrace. This will physically and aesthetically extend your living area so that it seems that much bigger and more spacious. Don't be afraid to create a full-on exterior living area with chairs and tables.

7. Size doesn't always count

Thanks to the beautiful grey tones, sleek and clean lines and on point architecture, the size of this home is irrelevant.

8. Raw materials

A wonderful way to connect your home to the exterior spaces, especially if you live in a big city, is to opt for raw materials such as cement, stone or wood. This gives a home an industrial chic quality and makes for a very beautiful and earthy design.

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9. Lighting

Illuminate the details and design of your home with smart and strategic outdoor lighting. By enhancing the textures, tones, shapes and patterns, the size will be of no consequence.

10. Get creative

Don't be afraid to mix materials or styles when it comes to your small home, creating an eclectic design that is simply gorgeous. This is your space after all – do with it what you will!

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