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5 reasons why you don't need a cleaning lady

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Cleaning lady – yes or no?

With increasingly demanding jobs that often keep us away from our homes for more than 10 hours a day, it can be difficult to find the time for house hold chores. Even if our homes are designed by a top professional, the look and feel will be ruined if the home is messy all the time. This is especially true if we have children!

However, with a little bit of organization, it is possible to do everything without resorting to outside help. We can have a modern home that is clean too! But how?

Today at homify we are going to show you! We've put together five reasons why you don't need a cleaning lady, which may just change your mind.

1. To save money

Housekeeping rates can be quite high, depending on several variables. However if you add up how much you spend on your cleaner in a year, it's the cost of a small vacation!

Advice: If you want to save the money, why don't you try to devote three hours a week to the household chores. If you dedicate half an hour a day to a different room in the house, you'll seen realize that you don't need outside help.

2. To get in shape

Giving up the cleaning lady will also save you the money that you spend on the gym. Perhaps you don't know it, but doing housework can burn a lot of calories!

Did you know that mopping, for example, can burn up to 250 calories per hour? Washing the windows can burn a further 200 calories. Finally, we get back in shape without strenuous exercises. Need more coaxing? Check out these9 chores that torch calories.

Advice: Prepare a background playlist for you to listen to while you're cleaning. It will make ironing, dusting and washing that much more fun!

3. Because no one knows the home better than you do

Each of us has a unique way of making the home organized and neat. When other people come into our bedrooms or living rooms, they put items in places that we wouldn't necessarily. We may end up having to rearrange the position of items or spend a lot of time searching for objects because they aren't where we left them. This can be very frustrating and make us late in the mornings!

4. Avoid the risk of theft

Leaving our home in the hands of a cleaner means that we truly have to trust a stranger. You run the risk of facing theft!

If you do have some someone cleaning the room, make sure that you place jewelry or money out of sight. However if you are worried, rather refrain from hiring someone.  

Advice: If you do hire someone, choose someone with excellent references or someone you know and trust.

5. For privacy

Finally, it's important to remember that a cleaner is going to be in the most intimate areas of our homes, including the bathroom and bedroom. If you like privacy, a cleaner may not work for you.

Also have a look at these 10 habits to keep your home neat and tidy.

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