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Today we’ll take a tour of a perfect holiday home built in the woods. The small home packs a big punch. Scandinavian interiors inspired by the surrounding woods combine with incredible glazing to make the most of the woodland view. Let’s take a tour now and see why this home is the perfect holiday retreat for forest lovers.

Wood exterior

Timber Clad Exterior Facit Homes Wooden houses
Facit Homes

Timber Clad Exterior

Facit Homes

Cheerful wood planks clad the exterior of the home. The sections of roof are sharply angled to create more space within. Acting as a focal point of the house, the large window and door frame in the front take center stage. The frame is in the shape of a traditional gable roofed house. It’s a cheeky feature of the home that we love. The doors open up to the outdoors to bring fresh air into the central living space.

Casual living room

Living Room Facit Homes Living room
Facit Homes

Living Room

Facit Homes

This is a gorgeous casual living space! A wood burning stove adds heat and ambiance to the room, not to mention the glorious scent of a wood fire. The vintage feel from the stove is a nice addition to the modern home. Connect with professionals on homify to get this look in your home.

The sage green tones from the rug and chairs make the living room feel connected to nature. In the center of the living space is a generous coffee table made of light coloured wood. The space is bright and full of life. Huge windows and a sofa covered in white blankets make an airy and comfortable living room. We love the Scandinavian style in the home that’s mixed up with natural elements and shades. It’s the perfect combination for a relaxing design!

Open plan and the bedroom

Kitchen & Bedroom Facit Homes Modern bathroom
Facit Homes

Kitchen & Bedroom

Facit Homes

The home has a main room that combines a living, dining, and kitchen space. Open plans like this make the most of a small home and create a social hub for the occupants. Bright green kitchen counters line the far wall. An oversized dining table in the middle of the room acts as a perfect everyday dining space. Imagine spreading out on the table with the weekend paper and a cup of coffee with a view of the forest. That's how we like to enjoy the woods!

A glimpse of the bedroom in this photo shows how it’s tucked away just off the main room. It is similarly bright and features a tall, minimalist wardrobe. The angled roof creates intriguing shapes in this bedroom. We love the effortlessness of this room! Perfect for unwinding at night and gently waking up each day.

Tucked against the forest

The home is truly in the woods here! A view from the main living space out to the surrounding trees is inspiring. The living area here becomes almost like a covered porch because it feels so open to the woods outside.

A view of the side entrance of the house shows off that there is a covered porch for them to enjoy! It’s a simple space with potential. It could make a great outdoor sitting area. From this angle, we can appreciate the unique roof slopes of the home. They create interesting architectural lines and shapes that make this home memorable.

We hope you enjoyed our tour of this little home amidst the woods! We’d love the chance to take a vacation in a home by the woods. Check out our feature on a home that bonds with nature for more inspiration.

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