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A tiny but beautiful little family home

Leigh Leigh
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Today, we are going to visit Toronto, Canada where design professionals Greenmoxie have created the sweetest and most tiny house that you will ever see. 

The wonderful thing about this little prefab is that not only is it stylish, sleek and pocket-size, but it is very sustainable with solar systems and rain-water catchment. The designers consulted with two architects who specialise in the green living spaces.

They also had so much fun with the design and have said, As the build began, we walked this path with excitement and enthusiasm and then, at one point there, we were running down the hill completely out of control. The more we built, the more idea we had. We put all the things into this mighty little tiny house.

The love and passion is evident in this gorgeous final product that is innovative, green and very functional.

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The tiny home

As we can see in this image, this little home is positioned in a beautiful field with the gorgeous surrounds making for a stunning backdrop. The house is small – tiny even – but very attractive. It takes on a very traditional country-style cottage look and feel. 

What is very striking about this image, is the sense of warmth and cosiness of the home. Remember that when there is less space to work with, the designers have an opportunity to get innovative and creative, which is exactly what they have done here.

The lighting in the home gives this space a beautiful soft glow, welcoming the residents home in the evenings.

The sweetest sight

From the front of the house we can see how a wooden terrace leads to a bright red door. The rest of the facade is finished in two different shades of wood, which bring a warm, homely and rustic look and feel to the space.

As South Africans know, a terrace is a very valuable part of a home design. It extends the living space outdoors, giving the family space to enjoy the fresh air and good weather. For a small home, it is even more important, creating a whole new living area so that the interior doesn't get too cramped or crowded.

Wood is a great material for a terrace as it is durable in all weather conditions.

The bright, red front door is a wonderful example of even with such a tiny home, you can afford to have a little bit of fun, bringing personality and character to the design.

It folds up!

Now this is a very innovative design!

The terrace folds up against the house, resulting in a very sweet and snug home that can be transported just about anywhere! When the house is positioned in its new spot, the terrace can be lowered again. This allows the family to truly make any area their own.

You'll also notice that the house is on wheels, making it very mobile and easily transportable. 

The large glass windows and the skylight in the roof ensure that the interiors of this little space are filled with natural light.

Longitudinal spaces

The interior of the home is very long so the designers had to make the most of every square inch.

What strikes us first is the neutral colour palette, which includes dark wooden floors and lighter wooden pieces of furniture as well as white walls. The designers have then added in splashes of red, which give the home some colour and personality, without overwhelming it. 

You'll also notice that the design is very open plan, with the rooms all flowing into one another. For a small home this is a necessity!

Have a look at how to stylishly split a room without a wall for some ideas on how you can separate spaces without cramping and crowding them with wall dividers.

The little kitchen

The designers have managed to achieve a very functional kitchen with more than enough space for cooking, baking, washing up and enjoying the view at the same time!

They've managed to achieve this by investing in a lot of storage space, including cupboards, drawers and shelves. This keeps all kitchen items stored neatly away, leaving the counters bare of anything that isn't functional or necessary.

The white cupboards and drawers in this space also contrast beautifully with the dark wooden counters and floors. White is always a great colour for a kitchen, resulting in a very sleek, clean and hygienic-looking space.

A cosy living room

The living room features everything that you could possibly need in this space, from a long sofa to a gorgeous bookshelf. Again we can see how storage plays a huge role in a small space. Even the space underneath the sofa can fit items inside!

Shelves are also a great way to improve storage in a home as they take up minimal floor space, but provide plenty of opportunity for putting books, decor items and accessories on display. 

Have a look at these: Things to consider when choosing shelves.

A loft bedroom

The designers have once again made the most of vertical space, creating a gorgeous loft where the bedroom rests. You'll notice that it is spacious, light and bright – what more could you need?

This space has a distinct minimalist look and feel, however, with only the most functional of items on display. In fact all that we come across in this space is a bed and chest, where linen can be stored. This keeps the bedroom looking very neat and tidy.

Don't you love the splashes of colour that have been introduced in the form of the blanket as well as how the round window brings a subtle nautical theme to the room? This is a great example of how functionality and design collide. 

A neat little bathroom

The designers have even managed to find enough space for a tranquil and functional little bathroom complete with a gorgeous, little shower.

Again storage plays a very big role once again, with plenty of shelves for towels and personal products to be stored away.

You'll also notice that the shower curtain brings a bit of personality and charm to the space thanks to the bold patterns. This is another example of how function and decor collide.

Have a look at these really clever storage solutions for small homes for inspiration when it comes to your own home.

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