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Inspiration abounds in this award-winning home

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Today we are going to show off an modern yet luxurious home in the rural Germany. The home is bold and minimalist. Inside, the architecture plays with symmetry, the lines of the roof, and the shape of the stairs. We’ll find a massive open living space that gives the home a luxurious feel despite being on the small side. Let’s start our tour now and find out what makes this house, which won an award in 2014, so special. 

Little box of minimalism

The home is perfect for those who love clean minimalist design. From the exterior we can see that the house favours an all-white palette accented with wood and black steel. From this angle the roof appears to be flat but it is sloping towards us to create more spacious interiors. We love the small and boxy shape of the home! It looks like a well-thought out and pleasant design. It's no wonder the home earned 1st place in BDA Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2014  - roughly translated as the 'good building award.'


Out back of the home is simple landscaping and an outdoor terrace. Check out the clever tiered shape of the lawn! The fountain is a nice touch to the terrace and really ups the luxury of the terrace. This is the perfect space to entertain on summer nights!

Luxury loft interior

The interiors of the home play with lines and shapes. There’s a loft quality to the layout of the home that we love. Lofts create an open plan central space that feels big and airy, even when the home has a small square footage. There’s a fireplace installed in the corner of the wall to give the home a warm ambience during the cold months. 

Minimalist kitchen

This kitchen is the epitome of sleek. A central island with the sink and stove negates the need for kitchen counters. Cabinets with negative fixtures melt into the white background of the room. A long horizontal window creates an opportunity for privacy and light. In this kitchen space, the natural wood floors shine. They are a grounding and humbling addition to the home. A sleek and minimalist kitchen like this is perfect for cooking with no distractions!

Massively open

The main floor of the home has an open plan. It’s a massive space thanks to the loft height of the ceiling. The room opens out to its green backyard. The outdoor terrace seems like a continuation of the interiors. To get an open look like this in your home, get in touch with professionals on homify today. 

Up top

Walking up the stairs we can see the full height of the loft space. This high galley walk to the bedrooms is a taste of the urban in this rural setting. Check out the curve of the roof. Inspiring! We love the cheeky addition of colour to the space here. Fresh green flashes of colour throughout the home give it a more personal feel.


The stairs in this home are an architectural feat! The black steel accents in the home give it an industrial edge. We love the grey wall treatment that breaks up the all-white look beautifully. The home plays with symmetry and asymmetry in every room, giving the home its own character.

Rural retreat

We end our tour by reflecting on the rural environment of the home. The generous windows of the home allow the ultra-modern interior to create an interesting juxtaposition next to the surrounding tilled fields.

We hope you enjoyed our tour of this boldly modern home! For more inpiration, check out our feature on a woodland home that's a perfect escape from the city

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