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This cool Toronto home tucks everything away

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The architects behind this smart, small home explain the unique urban setting and history of the site:

Mini Craven sits on a 14’x70’ lot on Craven Road, in the ‘Tiny Town’ neighbourhood of Toronto.  First developed as worker housing in the 1880s, the street that was then a vacant railway corridor is now characterized by a series of 10' wide lots with homes between 300 and 500 square feet in size.  Since that time, the houses along Craven Road have wavered between the unlawful and decrepit to the quirky and endearing. It is in this mixed and beautiful context that Mini Craven exists and participates in its neighbourhood.

This tiny home is full of clever designs that fold and tuck out of the way, accompanied by lightweight furniture that does anything but overwhelm the small dimensions of the rooms.

​Compact living

Previously standing in this lot was a house serving as a drug lab, which was demolished and condemned. However, the current resident was drawn to the quirky, diverse, and affordable Tiny Town neighborhood, and it provided an excellent opportunity to create the ultra-compact home of dreams. This detached home is a miniature world within itself, its oddly tall and thin shape like something from a modern fairytale.


The unique red railing gives a hint of two dominating characteristics of the home's interior decor scheme, displaying a preference for lightweight materials and boldly colourful designs!

​Artistic ascent

Upon entering the home, you're greeted with this highly unusual and decorative staircase, which glides lightly over an illuminated trough filled with a scattering of small objects. You'll notice right away how the fine materials used in the staircase serves to open up the home, allowing plenty of light to pass through the narrow hallway in order to greet you at the front door.

​Lighthearted living room

This small living room makes up in personality what it lack in size! While a slouchy armchair might overwhelm this room, these lightweight and brightly coloured additions maintain a thin profile, still allowing the space plenty of room to breathe. Another decorative detail has been added close to the sliding glass door, where you find a tidy rock garden sitting on an elevated platform.

​Floating furniture

Over and over again, you find furniture in this home that seems to float effortlessly above the ground. This tidy desk is one such example, with a simple cantilevered design that allows for freedom of movement underneath. The white lamp mounted on the wall provides an additional degree of flexibility, as its design makes it easy to move the lamp into various positions.

​Hide-away bed (closed)

This checkerboard panel hides a space-saving detail: a fold-down bed! See the image below:

​Hide-away bed (open)

This sweet and simple design makes for a streamlined space, and although this room is clearly designed to economize on square footage, nothing about this lofted, open bedroom gives the impression that the home is tight on space.

​Fold-out everything

It seems everything in this home can be transformed, as evidenced by these sleek folding designs. This retro-style sink can collapse, and the top can be lowered down to form a convenient counter space. Likewise, the slim cabinet features two panels that fold aside for access to various parts. With the furniture kept minimal in this space, the architects have created a generous amount of negative space throughout the home, providing an impression of roominess and freedom in every room!

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