5 kitchens for a perfect feast

Leigh Leigh
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Especially during the festive season, we all know how important it is to have a functioaln kitchen that is also the heart and soul of the home. You want to be able to not only cook up a feast, but enjoy it with family and friends too!

This is why the design, layout and decor of your kitchen is so important. You want everything to be easily accessible as well as have enough space for interactions and socializing.

This is why today we have put together five fabulous kitchens, which are all perfect for a feast. They will inspire you to change up the look and feel of your  kitchen, creating a space that is also perfect for a feast.

Simple, clean lines

Lac St. Sixte Summer Residence Flynn Architect Modern kitchen
Flynn Architect

Lac St. Sixte Summer Residence

Flynn Architect

This design, by professionals Flynn Architect, shows that you don't need to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful, functional and stylish kitchen.

In fact, all you need to do is install a kitchen island or bar, which will create extra storage space and an extra surface area for cooking and preparing food. Pair with some bar stools and you have a casual social space where family and friends can gather around over a glass of wine or cup of tea while you cook.

2. Add some wall art

If you want to have a kitchen where you can have a feast, you'll need some decor. Wall art is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to the kitchen without overwhelming the space. You can use it to add recipes, quotes or sayings that will make guests feel welcome, cozy and warm.

3. Add raw materials

Add a rustic touch to your kitchen, really creating a warm and earthy space that friends and family will want to spend time in. Have a look at these tips for making your home roar with raw materials.

4. Connect it to the dining room

A kitchen that has direct access to the dining room can make for a very functional design and allow you to talk to your guests while you're working on the next course! It also makes it much easier to carry dishes, cutlery and crockery back and forth.

5. Opt for granite

​Interior Design and Rendering Design Studio AiD Kitchen Ceramic White
Design Studio AiD

​Interior Design and Rendering

Design Studio AiD

The materials that you choose for your kitchen can set the tone for the look and feel. Opt for granite counter tops for a luxurious touch, which will make your kitchen seem like a restaurant!

Also have a look at these 6 tips for redecorating your kitchen.

Which kitchen would you like for your home?

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