​5 effective ways to add an element of fun to cleaning your home

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Is there anyone who really enjoys cleaning the house? There would definitely be very, very few people who would rank this job high in a list of enjoyable activities! Be that as it may, cleaning the house is an unavoidable and time-consuming chore and having to do it regularly is a source of annoyance for many homeowners. For this reason, we bring to you today 5 ideas to help you get sorted and convert this boring task into a quick and fun activity! Have a look!

1. ​Be prepared

Before you embark on your house-cleaning spree, make sure that you have all the materials ready for use. Check your supplies at home and then go on a fun shopping expedition taking with you a list of all the cleaning agents you will need, such as sponges, dusters, scrubbers, glass cleaners, wood varnish, etc. Choose bright and colourful cloths and sponges that will enliven the chore!

2. ​Make a plan

Dwelling on all the spaces that have to be cleaned makes the job even more boring! Instead, focus on one area at a time and start with what is the most fun task for you. Whether you plan to clean the house in a single day or whether you divide the cleaning over two days, do one task at a time and complete the first task before beginning the next. For example, finish all the dusting in a particular room first and only then progress to the floor-cleaning. Therefore, move from rooms to the balcony or the terrace. Completing one task at a time gives a sense of progress and satisfaction. 

​3. Liven up the environment

Create an ambience that puts you in a good mood for this will make the cleaning job less tedious! Many people enjoy listening to music as a way to unwind and cheer up. Play your favourite music and wear your favourite comfortable clothes. This will boost your mood and you can merrily dance away your blues as you do the cleaning!

4. ​Set a target

Disconnect the phone, television and internet while you do your cleaning. Getting distracted by these things will only make your task drag on for a longer time! Set yourself a deadline and concentrate on the job at hand. The sooner you finish the job, the sooner you will be able to relax. Plan a short break if necessary but stick to your schedule.

5. ​Maintain orderliness

The job is done and the house is spic and span! Now you must prevent it from becoming messy too soon. Simple things like not leaving newspapers and clothes lying around, and giving the surfaces a quick wipe from time to time will reduce your weekly clean-up time substantially.

These 5 simple but useful guidelines are a great way to make your house-cleaning task a much easier and enjoyable job! Take a look at another ideabook for more ideas - Seven lighting mistakes we are guilty of!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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