17 materials to make your dull walls magnificient

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Eager to start living in your new home or maybe you are looking forward to a stylish experience in your remodelled abode? Before you add furniture and decor elements to the interiors, it is important to think how you want to clad your walls. After all, plain and simple walls are so passé! We're got a wide array of materials and ideas to coat your walls in an elegant manner, so that they reflect your taste and personality. These tips are budget-friendly as well.

1. Truly rustic stone

The heavy, irregular, and boulder-like stones that you see here are perfect for cladding small walls or partitions. Charmingly rustic, these stones add lots of character to this dining area designed by the architects at Addec Arquitectos.

2. Elegant Vicenza stone

Rugged, rustic and textured, these stones look elegant and timeless, and are naturally very popular in Italy.

3. Stylish marble

The richness and elegance of marble has charmed people through ages, starting from the Greeks and Romans in ancient times. Available in a variety of grains and colours, it is the perfect cladding if you want a luxurious look.

4. Charm of bricks

Though often used as a building material, sleek bricks can be used to clad a wall of your choice for a textured and rustic look.

Brick-like finish

By placing an acrylic mould on wet plastered or cement-mix walls, you can get a brick-like finish without actually using bricks. Great and convenient idea, right?

5. Smooth melamine

Walls clad in melamine look smooth, ultramodern and very sensuous. The material is also perfect for spaces of any dimension or shape.

6. Alternative to natural stone

You can use decorative stones which are thinner than natural ones to clad your walls for a beautiful and less rustic look. These are easier to install and eat up less space as well.

7. Wooden splendour

Whether added to walls in form of large panels or sleek strips, wood always looks elegant, warm, fresh, and offers natural insulation.

Colourful wood? Yes!

You can also paint the wooden cladding on your walls in a colour of your choice for a unique look, whether modern or rustic. It will still appear warm and stylish.

8. Beauty of gresite

Gresite tiles are easy to clean, luminous and graceful, and mostly used in bathrooms and kitchens. Though it’s slightly costly, it comes in a wide array of colours and shapes so that you can create the look you want.

9. Say yes to mirrors

Mirrors are not just perfect for cladding interior walls. They are great for exterior walls too, if you want a glamorous and unique appearance. Just avoid walls in the southwest direction to keep direct sunrays away.

10. 3D ceramic tiles

Three dimensional ceramic tiles look awesome and are fascinating to touch as well. Clad your walls with these and watch how they create a play of light and shade.

11. Create murals

Smooth porcelain or coated ceramic tiles can be used to create a gorgeous and vibrant mural as you see here.

For wet areas

Small ceramic tiles of different exciting shapes and colours can be put together to create an innovative mural in the bathrooms.

12. Simple paint and mould for plasterboard walls

Simple plasterboard walls can look great by decking it up with some exciting colour and sleek moulding.

13. Go eco-friendly! Go lime!

Simply whitewashing walls with lime paint and water can be inexpensive, eco-friendly, refreshing and smart. They keep away insects as well.

14. Boldness of steel

Cladding wood or concrete walls with steel laminations is a bold and very trendy idea. Apply anticorrosive paint so that they last long.

15. Pick compressed wood

Compressed wood claddings not only look modern and stylish, but they are versatile too. They can be polished and sealed to achieve the look you want.

16. Why not microcement?

For an industrial and classy ambiance, choose microcement as your cladding. This flexible material can look either rugged or smooth as per your need.

17. Reinforced concrete

When rendered with a subtle textured finish like vertical or horizontal stripes, reinforced concrete cladding can look amazing.

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