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Our favourite home tours of 2016

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This year at homify, we have visited many homes, many of which made big statements when it comes to varied styles and design themes. Style has been a mainstay for us and we have enthusiastically explored various corners of the globe to bring you homes, which will inspire you and help you find your own design personality in keeping with the size and reality of your space. As we are nearing the end of this year, and getting ready to start a new one, we bring you six beautiful homes that we toured in the past year. Get ready for the most stylish New Year’s house party!

​1. Charming cottage style

This cottage style home has a white facade with pretty lattice work on the windows. The L shaped home has a patio on the side and it acts as the perfect entry into this sweet space. The charming facade has a well-manicured lawn up front with a pathway leading you to the house.

Chic interiors

Once you step inside, the home is just as charming with an industrial twist as far as the furniture goes, and lots of books on one side to show off a love of reading!

​2. Streamlined and simple

This rustic home has a well thought out design plan under its belt. The textures and finishes have been rendered in a smooth manner. The yellow and black facade of this home is a rather bright yet sophisticated one that catches the eye from afar.

​Whimsical interiors

In keeping with the promise of fun made by the yellow facade, the home has a whimsical look within. The hammock is a patch-worked one with trimmings of the Bohemian style. The airy space is done up with wood along with lots of casual style seating and display.

3. ​Modern mansion

This modern home looks right out of the design tomes that grace the bookshelves of bookstores. The stone walls within and the glass facade make for a reversed look that is extremely chic and interesting.

​Linear and well-lit

The indoors have a linear quality that continues from the facade of the home, while the well-lit quarters make it come alive stylishly. The greenery can be seen all around the space even as the backyard erupts in a cloud of high design values.

4. ​Casual and elegant interior

We absolutely love this apartment because it has an elegant look, which also looks lived in. The elegance here is not just about high gloss, but also its warmth and simple neutral hues.

Built-in magic

The in-built shelving unit behind the dining table is apt for storing odds and ends or displaying artefacts. The mask adds personality to the space as well.

5. ​Contemporary home with courtyard

This home with its courtyard in the centre is an epitome of monochrome grace and contemporary good looks.

​Linear well-designed layout

The narrow spaces within have been well designed with the help of minimalist values and linear furniture as well as layers of wood.

6. Simplicity rules

Designed by architects  Fingerhaus, this property is every family's dream home. All that's missing is the white picket fence!

Located in Frankenberg, Germany, this house brings together sophistication and simplicity. It merges the contemporary with the traditional.  The home shows us how architecture can truly blend comfort with class. We love how the entrance to the house makes a quaint statement. Want to make a great first impression on your visitors? Browse to these 15 novel ideas for your home's entrance.

Calming interiors

If we head inside the home, we can see that the designers stuck to the same neutral tones. Don't you love the light wooden floors, light wooden kitchen furniture and the white walls?

A touch of colour is added in the form of the blue curtains, which offer the family privacy while still allowing light to stream into the interior spaces.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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