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This next home is set in the Dutch countryside, and it has all the trappings of a unique design statement. The architects at Coenen Sättele Architecten have managed to create a home that has the beauty and craftsmanship of well thought out design, even as they have rendered a twist to these elements. This glass home is one that has an expansive look, with modernity at its very heart. The slanting roof has sheets of metal on the rooftop while the glass sheets on the walls below and the exposed concrete beams ensure easy design flow. We invite you to come and take a walk around this property with us and find out about the style surprises it conceals within!

​Green acreage and a spiffy facade

Neatness seems to be the underlying theme that resonates in every corner, as you take a walk around the house. We absolutely love the way the designers and architects have used industrial materials and elements to create a homely vibe – a trait that sets this home apart and gives it a valuable style twist. The well-manicured greenery also sparkles along with the glass walls and robust concrete and wooden facade.

​Asymmetrical beauty

This side of the home shows us the beautiful and simple wood work that graces the top storey of the home. The home is set on two levels, with the basement carved out to match step with its surrounding wall, while the top floor rises upwards. The slant of the roof can be seen clearly in its diagonal setting, with the slants sitting in an understated play of artistic asymmetrical beauty.

​Sleek good looks in the kitchen

The kitchen is a soothing combination of white textures and wooden surfaces. The architects have played with both elements in equal measure so that a modern yet sleek statement may be achieved. The simple kitchen sits near a glass wall and it stretches in a neat line, thanks to the long counter. The lamp on top glistens on its firm cables that hold pieces of glass.

​Wooden artistry in the living room

This living room has an artistic vibe that comes through as an art installation rendered in wood. The quirky looking couch is an elegant addition with its cream hue. The smooth flooring and glass walls create the perfect canvas upon which the style elements are set. The main wall has linear niches carved out and its stands in all its solid glory, thanks to the natural grain of wood.

​Sap like feel in the bathroom

This bathroom has a wonderfully natural and spa like vibe, courtesy the frosted glass doors of the shower stall, the raw looking wooden counter and the stone wall next to the bathtub. The fittings are futuristic in their appeal and pristine white as they stand in stylish contrast with the rest of the neutral elements of the space.

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