A couple builds themselves a gorgeous front porch

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The porch of a house is very important when it comes to making a wonderful impression, but it is often overlooked. But that is not what happened with this project rendered by the flooring experts at Phu Bortnowski. This porch has not just enhanced the visual appeal of the beautiful house, but is a very functional space for cherishing happy moments with loved ones on mellow afternoons. Read on to learned more about this cool home improvement project.

Careful measuring, sure cutting

Most construction professionals believe in the rule of measuring twice to get the perfect dimensions that the wooden planks must have. This way, they will have to cut just once and make the plank fit aptly. You can see how the flooring experts here are measuring the large sections of wood before cutting and fixing them to the sloped structure reaching the entrance.

Ground preparation

It was decided that a wooden platform would be installed as the entrance porch of this residence. So the area was duly prepared by creating a bed of gravel and a simple wooden structure for fixing the planks of the platform.

Fix boards with care

The measured and cut wooden pieces were then fixed carefully to form the porch platform. This was done with the help of nails and special resins which hold the different elements together efficiently.

Why use gravel?

Gravel was used for forming this wooden porch since it offers a base that levels the finished platform. Also, it helps in draining the water and prevents it from reaching the base. This prevents the wood from getting soggy and making the structure unstable.


Once all the wooden pieces of the platform were placed correctly, the finishing of the steps and the platform was done through sanding, polishing, and varnishing. This makes sure that the wood lasts longer, can withstand unfavourable weather conditions, and looks great!

Making most of the space

Apart from the wooden slats on its floor, the platform also features wooden seats to allow many people to sit together and enjoy open air conversations.

Decorative touches

The lightweight wrought iron structure was added to the beautiful porch to grow lush creepers for shade. This along with the stone planters allows the inhabitants to connect with nature easily. From the ceiling of the metal structure hang spherical lamps in white and yellow, adding a playful touch to the porch.

Last look

Taking a step back to admire the wholesomeness of the project, we notice how the wooden porch matches the roof tiles beautifully. The vines cladding the metal structure on the porch keep the sun at bay, while the paved walkway adds to the charm of the property.

Hope this simple yet gorgeous project has given you many ideas for your own porch. Here’s another story you might like - 13 Ideas For The Roof Of Your Home.

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