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The spunky Salt & Pepper house

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Explore this unique house, nicknamed by the architects as the Salt & Pepper House – a visually rich tour full of bold colours, a wide variety of shapes, and a punchy, upbeat atmosphere infused in every room.

Friendly facade

Right away, this house tell you that it has something out of the ordinary in store – it's amazing what a tiny pop of colour can do for the overall atmosphere created in this facade. A tangy tangerine doorframe sets the stage for a colourful experience that combines historic structure with modern flourish!

​Original building

This collection of black and white images shows the interior of the town home before renovation – while many of the rooms have kept the same simple white walls and original functions – sitting room, kitchen, etc – the furniture and many surface materials have been given a major update. You'll see in this tour that the home also enjoys a much more open feeling, created by the replacement of solid walls with wide arrays of windows.

​Open concept common area

The ground floor now exhibits an open concept living area, framed by brick walls painted in a creamy white. Abstract and funky, this artistic space is speckled with colourful details and varied shapes, making for a room that's both highly sensory and spacious enough to provide ample breathing room. Lightweight furniture characterized by fine lines serves to lighten the load on the ground level, allowing the room to lift effortlessly into the airy space formed by an open mezzanine level.

​Backyard patio

Closely connected to the common area on the main floor, this backyard patio encloses a world that's both naturally- and geometrically-inspired, juxtaposing neat rectilinear shapes in the wall and floor with the organic elements of the rounded stones and soft tuffs of grass.

​Connection to the outdoors

This view shows the main floor as viewed from the mezzanine, showing how the patio becomes an effortless extension of the interior of the home. In fact, an identical table and set of orange chairs have been placed just outside the glass wall, beside a black and white wall that extends seamlessly onto the patio. The light colour of the floor has also been matched in the patio, making the transition from indoor to outdoor space visually effortless. Sliding glass panels provide a high degree of physical mobility as well.

​Upstairs library

On the mezzanine, a quiet sitting room is placed beside a library. This room gets an edgy, urban feel from exposed wiring and bulbs in the light fixture design, with a softer tone coming from the plush grey rug and curvaceous red armchair. Behind the bright green sliding door, you'll find a bedroom tucked away in a quiet corner (seen below).


This image provides a view of one of the bedrooms of the home, accessible by various set of sliding doors that gives a seamless, smooth feel to the space.


A large mirror and clear shower stall turn this already ample bathroom into a generously large space, giving what appears to be a narrow hallway an increased amount of depth. Like the other rooms of the home, the upstairs bathroom offers up a bright pop of colour, this time a highly fitting watery blue.

​Second bathroom

This bathroom is all the more watery, with a calming blue tone taking over the entire space. Although this bathroom is small, it feels like a little watery world within itself; a highly sensory experience full of clarity and clam, soothing energy. An interesting purple light makes a playful addition to the translucency and transparency of the counter and sink, using the refractive qualities of these materials to bring a surprising burst of colourful purple light into the room.

​Stylish stairs

Gone is the closed hallway and wooden staircase – this modern version displays a bold streak with strong black and white contrasts, heavy block shapes, and an unexpected blend of materials. This innovative half-floating staircase design certainly causes you to re-think the traditional wooden bannister and closet under the stairs!

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