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ZeroEnergy Design Modern houses Orange
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This home in Cape Cod is a vision of modernity – not only because of its contemporary decor, but because of the eco-conscious vision that went into the planning and construction of the home. The architects who worked on this project have created a home that treads lightly on the land, a LEED Gold and Energy Star certified structure that offers a beautifully modest, comfortable, and efficient place to live.


Green Roof & Solar Panels ZeroEnergy Design Modern houses Orange
ZeroEnergy Design

Green Roof & Solar Panels

ZeroEnergy Design

The plot of land was purchased by the clients in 1958, and the property included a small vacation home that allowed the client's parents to spend summers on the Cape. The intention behind the property was to tread lightly, conserving resources and making a small ecological impact on the surrounding area. When the home became a more popular hub for family gatherings, the clients decided to build a new structure that would offer the potential of year-round living, while still incorporating the family's love for travel, art, nature, and creativity.

The exterior of the structure displays a strong focus on the environment, with natural wood cladding on the sides and solar panels on the roof (which provide 30% of the home's energy). The construction of the home features specialized hurricane-resistant structural reinforcement and windows for coastal storm conditions. The exterior shells is a combination of fiber cement and cedar siding – both durable materials with low-maintenance properties. Bright orange and red colours emit a high-energy vibe that reflects the dynamic family trips and gatherings that revolve around this home.

​Back entrance and deck

Modern Cape Cod house with fiber cement and shiplapped cedar siding ZeroEnergy Design Modern houses Red
ZeroEnergy Design

Modern Cape Cod house with fiber cement and shiplapped cedar siding

ZeroEnergy Design

The home features various points of access so that the family can enjoy their natural surroundings; this back entrance is fairly sheltered, but there's a more open spot on the rooftop terrace above for enjoying a more free-feeling location in the outdoors. Abutting the roof deck is a lush, living green roof built to fill the view with green vegetation at eye level while seated, as well as provide insulation, energy savings, and reduced run-off from storm water.

​Refreshing living room

Open concept living space ZeroEnergy Design Modern living room White
ZeroEnergy Design

Open concept living space

ZeroEnergy Design

This living room is the definition of fresh – large windows introduce rejuvenating views of the treetops, while crisp, light, and neutral furniture establishes a lofty, uplifting feeling. Radiant floors create a comfortable and stable air temperature while working to decrease energy use from heating. Some the flooring in this space is created from the rapidly renewable bamboo, with travertine tile along the hall and entry to the room (and an eco-friendly floor made from recycled glass tiles in the bathroom!). This space functions as the heart of the home – a place to relax, dine, and cook.

​Clean, green Kitchen

Kitchen island, floating pantry, and stairs to second level ZeroEnergy Design Modern kitchen Brown
ZeroEnergy Design

Kitchen island, floating pantry, and stairs to second level

ZeroEnergy Design

This kitchen features a unique floating pantry design that lifts the storage cabinets several inches off the ground, which provides a lift in terms of furniture distribution. Several plants have been placed around the room, not only for their aesthetic value but also for their ability to purify air, increasing the home's indoor air quality. The significance of going green in the construction of this home has worked its way into the countertop of the kitchen, bringing a tangy lime colour to the workspace.

​Simple dining room

Kitchen wine storage and dining area ZeroEnergy Design Modern dining room
ZeroEnergy Design

Kitchen wine storage and dining area

ZeroEnergy Design

Instead of an enclosed, ostentatious dining room, this home displays a sociable, simple space that's made for fluidity and friendliness rather than structured tradition. The dining room table and chairs are characterized by a refined, lightweight design that doesn't weigh down the space, allowing a rather small area of floor to accommodate the dining room without feeling overburdened.

This lightweight and chic design draws some inspiration from Scandinavian design – if you like this look, check out the 20 Scandinavian-style rooms in this ideabook!

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