This home goes from musty to must-have!

Leigh Leigh
Stilschmiede - Berlin - Interior Design
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Today, we are going to explore how Berlin-based design professionals Stilschmiede have taken an old, unsightly, narrow and dark home and completely transformed it.

You won't believe how this musty and outdated home became a brighter, friendlier space that is far more functional and comfortable.

They maintained the foundation of the home, but renovated every other aspect. The result is an incredible and dramatic change that will leave you itching to make changes to your own home!

Before: Musty

In this image, we can see how the living room was dark, dingy and cluttered. The bulky furniture and lack of natural light does nothing to enhance this space, functionally or aesthetically.

There are also far too many objects in this room! There is no organization or design strategy. The result is a room that feels crowded and claustrophobic.

After: New life

Now this is a modern, sleek and minimalist living area that is comfortable and beautiful!

The designers have introduced predominantly white tones, which create a much lighter and brighter interior design. The light wooden floors further enhance this.

The white furniture and walls are decorated with a few patterns and colours, which subtly bring life, charm and personality to the space. Don't you love the bright patterned tiles on the stairs?

A large flower arrangement on the table is the perfect way to bring beauty and design to the space, without overcrowding it!

Before: Dingy

In this little corner, we can again see how the dark wooden furniture and lack of natural light makes for a very unappealing design.

The yellow walls also make this space feel darker and dingier than it needs to.

Remember that natural light should be utilized throughout your interior space for a light and bright look and feel.

Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

After: A beautiful kitchen

The open plan kitchen after the renovation is functional and appealing, with a kitchen island in the middle, which creates storage space as well as an extra surface for cooking and preparing food.

Storage space is key to a functional and appealing kitchen, allowing crockery, cutlery and utensils to be stored neatly away while still remaining easily accessible. 

The white and grey tones make for a very elegant design!

Before: Outdated

The furniture and design of this home was in need of a breath of fresh air. As we can see from this angle, the sofas are very old-fashioned while the textiles, patterns and colours look like they come out of the seventies!

After: Modern revival

By replacing furniture with modern counterparts, the whole look and feel of a space can be renewed.

A great tip when it comes to modern decor is to use pot plants and flowers to decorate a space subtly yet effectively. It also connects the interiors with the nature that surrounds the home. 

Before: Wasted spaces

This area of the home was completely wasted before the renovation and as we can see in the image, very run down! There are boxes and old items littering the floors while the function of this room is unclear.

After: A home gym

Now this is a far better use for this space!

The designers have converted it into a sophisticated, functional and elegant home gym. The light wooden floors and grey walls create a neutral, earthy and warm base that is further enhanced by the soft lighting. Don't you love the funky lampshades?

You'll also notice that the gym equipment is neatly stored when not in use.

Before: The exterior

If we head outside the home, we can see just how old-fashioned this home truly was. It looks like an old-fashioned home from medieval times!

The garden is also overgrown and messy, doing nothing to enhance the facade.

After: Sleek and savvy

The home doesn't to resemble the previous image at all! The designers have gone for a modern and sleek look and feel with a grey facade and a functional brick driveway.

The garden is neat and manicured, creating a very appealing exterior design.

Remember that your garden can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home. Have a look at how you can make a big impression with a small front garden.

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Are you impressed with this before and after?

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