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9 clever ways your kitchen can save you money

Leigh Leigh
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With cars, travels, home loans, school fees and other expenses, it can seem like life is costing us more and more.

However, there are some really savvy ways that you can save money. All we need is a little bit of creativity!

On homify today, we have a melange of 9 tips on how to save money in the kitchen. These are easy and small, but will make a big difference.

1. Opt for one household cleaner

We all know how much money we spend on detergents and cleaners, but did you know that you can invest in a universal household cleaner that is multi-functional? This means you don't have to spend so much money buying different products for different surfaces.

You can also make your own detergent too!

2. Keep organization in mind

If chaos prevails in the cabinets or drawers, it's hard to distinguish between fresh food and old food. When everything is crowded in the cupboard, we end up with many spices or preserves that have passed their expiry dates.

This is why a well-organized kitchen will help you save money! The same goes for refrigerators and freezers. If everything is clearly arranged, you'll never waste food.

3. Eat at home

While we love weekly visits to the restaurant or the fast food store around the corner, it's time to start eating at home more. Your body and your wallet will thank you!

If your kitchen looks as good as this one, by professionals Another Design International, you'll also never want to eat out!

4. Buy seasonal products

Focus on buying products that are in season in the region that you are in. Not only are they cheaper but they are also fresher and better for the environment. 

5. Kitchen accessories

We all spend a lot of money on kitchen accessories. These can be on necessary items as well as unnecessary items. But why don't we try some fun DIY tricks at home and make our own accessories?

These modern breakfast boards, for example, are a great DIY project. 

You can also find some unique items at markets or second-hand stores for half the price!

6. Coffee first thing in the morning

Instead of spending a fortune on buying coffee on your way to work, why not invest in a coffee machine for your home? Enjoy a morning cup of coffee in the comfort of your kitchen, living room or terrace and you'll save a fortune on buying coffee out!

7. Replace old equipment

Replace old appliances like refrigerators or hot plates, as they likely consume much more energy than more modern versions. The 21st century is all about efficient appliances and sustainability.

8. Your own herb bank

Longboard Cherry by chris+ruby chris+ruby KitchenCabinets & shelves

Longboard Cherry by chris+ruby


For those of us who have grown herbs on the window sill of the kitchen, we know what a great feeling it is to smell fresh herbs, work with them and grow them. They also enhance our dishes with special tastes and aromas.

Grow your own herbs and you'll not only save money, but you'll improve your cooking!

9. Make it yourself

We all love jam for breakfast or look forward to pickled vegetables. But did you know that these are products you can make yourself? This is also a very relaxing activity! What's more is that if you make these items yourself, you'll be investing in foods that are free from preservatives and are healthier for us. 

You can even bottle your own products, put a nice label on them and give them out as gifts.

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