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Casa de VV was previously a gloomy and dated home, lacking in aesthetics or personality. Uninspiring designs and dull lighting made this house a depressing place to live in. But thanks to the creative touch offered by the restoration and renovation experts at Acertus, this residence now looks more open, brighter, more stylish and inviting. Tasteful furnishing and cheerful decor are the added highlights here.

Before: Gloomy and cramped kitchen

Dark wooden cabinets, boring and old tiles, and clumsy shelves made the kitchen cramped and depressing.

After: White, open and modern

By tearing down unnecessary walls, the kitchen was made more open, spacious and brighter than before. White dominates the walls, counters and ceiling, while shiny chrome appliances add a hint of smartness. The breakfast or bar counter is accompanied by trendy highchairs for easy socialisation.

Before: Unutilised attic

The attic was lying bare and unused before the renovation. It was revamped with a stylish sloping roof to accommodate a bathroom.

After: Soothing bathroom

Soft, neutral colours, smooth surfaces and fashionable fixtures make this spacious and sunny bathroom a delight to bathe in. Wooden flooring and a wooden sink cabinet add warmth to the contemporary space.

Practical furniture

The slope of the attic ceiling has been smartly utilised to house sleek white closets of varying heights to cater to storage needs. The colour of the closets complements the walls nicely, offering depth to the bathroom.

Before: Unimpressive exterior

Prior to the makeover, the house looked dull and commonplace from outside. The tiles on the stairs looked too busy and old-fashioned.

After: Refreshing change

Done up in spotless white and simple beige for the stairs, the house looks charming and inviting. The porch is adequate for relaxing outdoors, while the use of white has enhanced the size of the abode visually.

Before: Small and neglected room

Drab walls and dated floor tiles made this small room unfit for anything. So the professionals decided to introduce some brightness and colour to create a room for children.

After: Bright and playful

Soft pastels and passionate shades of pink now pair with a cosy wooden flooring to make this room bright and cheerful. It is serene, practical and playful.

Before: Dark and mundane bedroom

This bedroom too was a dark and boring affair owing to its ordinary wooden elements and dull floor tiles.

After: Pretty and youthful

Inhabited now by the young daughter of the house, the room looks spacious and lively. Pinks, purples and reds add colour to the light grey walls and wooden flooring. Sleek and modern furniture along with dainty showpieces make this room perfect for a little princess.

Before: A badly maintained pool

Wild overgrowth, shabby beige tiles, filthy water and drab boundary walls made the pool area a nightmare.

After: Luxurious refreshment

Neatly laid artificial grass, crystal clear water, bright and smooth walls and beautiful hedges make the pool area a sight for sore eyes now. It is a perfect spot for enjoying cool dips on hot days and for the kids to frolic around.

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