A romantic rustic home to toast simpler times

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LK & Projekt Sp. z o.o. Wooden houses
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Today, we are going to explore a wooden cabin, designed by professionals LK & PROJEKT SP. Z O.O. and see how it looks exactly like their architectural drawings. 

This project is a wonderful example of how important it is for architectural plans to exist as well as how modern technology allows us to truly see what our homes will look like – before they are even built!

This home also evokes feelings of simplicity and warmth thanks to its rustic overtones. This is a place you'd want to escape to and never leave!

The wooden facade

This little wooden cabin is like a country-side haven where families and friends can escape from city life and relax in nature, fresh air and sunshine. 

With its wooden facade and rustic look and feel, it's a true oasis.

The home takes on a traditional shape, with a gable roof. A charming covered porch welcomes guests into its depths while the windows, doors and skylights ensures that natural light flows through the interiors. 

A welcoming entrance

The paved pathway leads up to little stairs, which are flanked by gorgeous pot plants. A little blue front door welcomes guests in, matching the gorgeous yet subtle blue window frames. 

Remember that the entrance is the first impression people will get of your home, whether it's in the city or in the country-side, so you want it to be charming and appealing. Pot plants bring a wonderful form of subtle decor to the space too.

The entrance is enhanced by the beautiful front garden, which has been neatly organized. A beautiful garden can make a huge difference to the exterior look and feel.

See how you can make a big impression with a small front garden.

Cozy and comfortable

Inside the log cabin, we can see just how enchanting it is.

Here we come across a comfortable window seat, which is decorated with colourful and patterned cushions. There is even a guitar, where the family can enjoy playing music to each other!

An animal skin rug adds to the ambiance, enhancing the country-style.

Don't you love the wooden floors and walls, which seem to envelope us in warmth?

Dining with a view

The dining room of this home is very appealing and not just because of its stylish furniture and subtle yet edgy red tones. 

The dining room has been placed in front of a large glass window, which frames the beautiful woods like an artwork. This connects the interior space to the exterior space and offers the family beautiful views of the surrounds.

Tip: Add lamps above your dining room table to allow diners to see what they are eating, while still providing this space with ambiance and mood.

Living comfortably

The living room is just as cozy and warm as the rest of the home as well as functional. 

A large and sleek television introduces a modern touch to the rustic home, while storage units keep books and other items stored neatly away.

You'll notice the dimming lights in the ceiling enhance the details of the room while bringing a beautiful soft glow to the space. This is much better than bright lights!

The drawing

Here we come across a 3D rendering of the home, where we can see just how spot on the designers were.

Every detail and element that they've included in this drawing has made its way to the final, tangible product. If you compare this image to the images above, we can see how impressive it is. 

A bigger view

Here we come across another example of how fantastic modern technology is, really giving us some insight into what the final product will be. 

Even the blades of grass are detailed!

If you're building a house from scratch, ask your architects to help you with some drawings like this so you can get an idea of what your home will look like when its complete.

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