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A perfect prefab home for your family

Leigh Leigh
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Today, we are going to explore an ideal family home, designed by Polish home building professionals Archon + Projekty Domow. We will even see the fabulous architectural plans that were drawn up before construction began and compare. 

As we examine renderings of this home, we will see how muted tones and natural materials highlight the elevations and details of the exterior space. Large, glazed windows allow natural light to flow into the interior space while creating a beautiful connection with the garden.

The living area is spacious and comfortable thanks to the open plan design. You'll also love what the designers have planned for the kitchen!

Are you curious to take a look at this 1,800 square foot house?

Charming exteriors

The exterior of the home is incredibly warm and appealing with its grey stone pathway, which leads up to the wooden front door. The front garden makes an immediate first impression, with its manicured lawn and beautiful little plants and trees. 

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The facade is incredibly attractive and as promised, features a very textured look and feel thanks to the raw and natural materials. The grey brick wall contrasts beautifully with the white, plastered walls, the grey roof and the wooden finishes.

Backyard bliss

The back of the home features a beautiful and spacious garden as well as a wooden terrace, complete with sun loungers. Here the family can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. 

The upper terrace features comfortable chairs and a table, allowing this space to be used for entertainment or relaxation purposes. If you have an outdoor area, invest in durable furniture that will last in all weather conditions.

We can see how the interior of the space transitions beautifully onto the exterior space thanks to the large windows and doors. 

Cozy living

The large living room as cozy as it is functional. It features a corner couch with a home theater and a fireplace. Functionality and design collide!

Earthy, neutral materials have been chosen for the interior space, enveloping the residents in warmth. The decor items, including paintings and colourful vases, have been carefully selected. They bring personality, beauty and charm to the living area and remind us that this is not simply a house, it is a home.

Remember that your home is an extension of who you are so don't be afraid to add artwork or decor elements that speak to your personality. A fresh vase of flowers goes a long way too!

The fireplace

From this angle, we get a closer look at the modern and savvy fireplace. We can also see how an exposed brick wall features a bookshelf, where the wood is stored. This adds an industrial chic look and feel to the modern home.

A fireplace is a great addition to any home, especially Canadian homes where the winters are brutal. Yet they are not simply functional, they also create a wonderful ambiance in a living space. They look trendy too!

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Natural light

From this angle, we can see how natural light plays a huge role in the design and decor of the home. It flows in through the windows, creating a very warm, spacious, light and bright environment.

The abundance of natural light also reflects off of the light wooden floors. This has allowed the designers to go for slightly darker, grey walls. 

The result is a very elegant and classic look and feel.

Dining in style

This family home features a dining room table and chairs for the adults and a little dining room table and chairs for the kids too!

Two, large lampshades hang over the dining room table, giving this space a beautiful soft glow in the evenings, while allowing the diners to see what they are munching on. They also bring a gorgeous and savvy design to the space. This is another great example of how style and functionality collide.

Tip: Add a pot plant to an interior space, bringing a natural and subtle form of decor to the room.

The open plan kitchen

The kitchen is subtly separated from the rest of the home by a beautiful and functional kitchen island, complete with funky chairs. Here the kids can gather around and do their homework or have their lunch while mom and dad are busy in the kitchen. 

A kitchen island also offers an extra storage area as well as another surface where food can be cooked or prepared. 

The kitchen is located next to the dining room, creating an easy interaction between the two. 

Don't you love the black chalkboard, where the kids can write mom and dad messages or shopping lists can be jotted down?

The plan

Here we get to see the ground floor plan of the home.

Architectural plans are very important during the design and construction of the home. They allow the architect and the home owner to remain on the same page and for there to be a clear understanding of what the home will look like once complete.

In this image, we can see all of the little details and designs of each room. Having explored the ground floor of the home, we can see just how accurate this drawing is!

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Were you able to read these architectural plans?

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