A traditional home with modern finesse

Leigh Leigh
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Today, we are going to visit Istanbul where design professionals Nuun Mimarlik designed a modern family home that you enjoy exploring.

This simple yet effective design is a wonderful example of how functionality and style collide. 

In fact, as we explore this home from the outside in, we will pick up tips and tricks for our own homes as well as figure out how we can achieve this particular balance between practicality and trend.

You'll love just how subtle but cozy this house is!

A modern family home

From the front of the house, we can see just how modern yet subtle this home is. The double-storey home features warm, natural tones, which is enhanced by the grey roof and white finishes.

A stone pathway leads through the front garden, leading visitors, family and friends to the welcoming front door. Do you see how the gorgeous green garden enhances the exterior look and feel? It's always a good idea to mow your lawn and prune your plants, keeping this space neat and visually appealing.

The double-garage keeps cars, bicycles and other items neatly stored away. It also neatly packages the exterior facade.

Spacious backyard

The back of the house is grand and expansive. The double-storey home spills out onto a large garden, providing plenty of space for the kids to play or the family to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. 

We can also see there is a wonderful connection between the interior and exterior spaces, with plenty of balconies and terraces for enjoying the surrounding nature.

Large glass windows and doors allow natural light to flow into the home. It also gives the family panoramic views of the surrounds. 

High ceilings

The high ceilings in this home create a very spacious and expansive looking home, which is further enhanced by the open plan design. 

The warm wooden floors work in harmony with the grey walls and white ceilings. The wooden ceiling beams add character and charm to the design. 

Don't you love the grey stone wall, which adds a rustic touch to the interior?

The homely kitchen

The designers have gone for a minimalist look and feel in the kitchen, choosing to keep only the most functional and necessary items on display. Everything else is stored neatly out of sight. This makes for a very sleek, clean and hygienic looking cooking space.

In a family home, we know how quickly a kitchen can become piled high with dirty dishes. It's also very easy to end up with condiments on the counter tops, mugs lying around and cutlery scattered all over. This is why it's so important to have adequate storage in your kitchen. You want each element in this space to have a place where it can be stored neatly away, while remaining easily accessible.

Have a look at these 8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen.

A cozy and light bedroom

This bedroom is a wonderful example of how you can utilize natural light in your interior space. The designers have installed a large skylight in the ceiling, which allows the sunshine to flood the room. This creates a very warm, light and bright resting area. 

The designers have gone for neutral colours in this space, keeping it serene and peaceful. A splash of personality and colour is injected into the design in the form of a lime green cushion and ottoman. 

Tip: Add a fresh vase of flowers to your bedroom for a refreshing and natural form of decor. 

Funky stairs

The staircase in the home is another wonderful example of how design and functionality work in harmony. The designers have used the handrail of the staircase to bring funky shapes, clean lines and geometric shapes to the home. The dark wood makes for a warm and appealing look and feel. 

We can also see how lighting creates a beautiful, soft glow in the home. 

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