This old home gets a marvellous modern makeover

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Today, we are going to visit Italy, where home building professionals K.B. RISTRUTTURAZIONI, have taken what looks like a construction site and turned it into an incredibly modern, charming and functional family home.

What today's project reminds us is just how many options exist when it comes to home design and decor as well as how innovative and creative the process is. What was once a dumpsite becomes a beautiful and appealing home.

It's also a great example of how you don't have to completely knock something down to start afresh. In fact, by building on the foundations of the traditional, an even more impressive piece of architecture can be created. 

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Before: Run down

From this angle, we can see just how run down and depressing the home was before the intervention. The floors are chipped and ruined, with exposed cement creating a very rough and dilapidated look and feel.

The walls are cracked and seem to be falling part while the lack of furniture and curtains makes the space seem eerie. The exposed wires and pipes adds to this depressing ambiance.

Before: Falling apart

In this image, we can really see what a state the home was in. The walls here feature no paint or plaster, while the exposed cement floors make it seem like we are in a construction site.

The raw bricks also create a sense of the incomplete. It feels like someone started working on this home and then lost interest.

After: Incredible spaces

Once the home builders were done with this renovation project, the results are simply breathtaking.

The open plan design allows the kitchen, living room and dining room to flow into one another, making this home feel spacious, light and bright.

The designers have gone for neutral colours, including light wooden floors and white walls, which makes this space feel peaceful, earthy and warm. A pot plant brings a touch of the natural to the interior decor. 

Don't you love the little kitchen bar, which subtly separates the cooking area from the rest of the home? With the two little bar stools, this is the perfect space for casual meals or chatting to the chef while he or she cooks up a storm.

After: Maximizing space

In the living room, we can see how the designers have made the absolute most of the space available to them. They've extended a bookshelf across the entire wall where books, ornaments, the television and other items can be stored neatly away while still on display. This is a great way to maximize vertical space. 

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The simple living room gives way to a few charming and bright details such as the artwork on the walls, which introduces some personality to the space. The books and artwork are a strong reminder that this is a family home that is warm and welcoming. 

After: Connected spaces

When it comes to a small home, you want to use functional features to your advantage. 

Here we can see how the staircase, which is a necessary part of the home, doubles up as a gorgeous design element. The dark wooden stairs and sleek silver banister are a modern and contemporary feature in this family home. 

You can also see how lighting adds a beautiful soft glow to the home, illuminating the details and design of the space.

After: The elegant bathroom

The bathroom in this new and improved home is very elegant and functional.

The designers have ensured that the space receives plenty of natural light, without compromising on the privacy of the room. A large glass mirror extends across the entire wall, which not only allows the residents to see what they look like when they apply their make-up or wash their face, but it also adds depth and the feeling of space to the room.

The simple white and grey tones create a serene and tranquil environment, which is very important for a bathroom area. It allows you to get ready for the day in peace and quiet!

After: Savvy bedroom

The bedroom in this house is simply gorgeous!

The designers have gone for light wooden floors, white walls and plenty of natural light. They've added personality and charm to the space in the form of patterned linen and a vibrant piece of artwork.

Remember that your bedroom is your haven so it should reflect your personality as well as your interests. Don't be afraid to add a little bit of colour and life.

Another tip is to keep only the most functional of elements on display. Keep everything else neatly stored out of sight, keeping your room clean and tidy.

After: The cool kid's room

The kid's bedroom is a place in the house where you can really afford to have a little bit of fun! This is exactly what the designer's did, opting for themes as well as bright and vibrant colours, pictures and patterns. 

Don't you love the little homework corner with the desk and shelves?

You'll also notice that another set of shelves offers this room storage and a space for the kids to keep all of their toys neatly placed.

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