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6 kitchen ideas for people who love coffee

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Here's a little known fact about the Philippines: While the rest of Asia predominantly drinks tea, we love our coffee just a little bit more. Coffee culture in the Philippines started when Spaniards brought over coffee plants from Europe and grew them in vast coffee plantations from the cooler regions of Batangas to the Cordilleras. So, it's not at all surprising that when third wave coffee shops started opening all over the country, people readily embraced it! 

We've taken it a step further here at homify. Instead of going to the coffee shop and dropping cash on your cup of single origin brew, why not learn to do it at home? Without further ado, here are 6 kitchen inspirations for people who love coffee:

Hipster pour overs

Manual coffee-making methods are becoming an increasingly popular option for home enthusiasts and coffee shop baristas alike. The ability to control every variable in the brewing process to create a cup that's exactly suited to one's preferences, and highlight the unique character of the coffee, has convinced many to make the switch. 

Have a coffee machine nearby

Sometimes, coffees made by a machine can be so much better than what you'd get in a coffee shop. If you keep finding yourself stuck at the drive through at Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, or McCafe in the mornings, you may want to consider getting yourself a coffee machine for your kitchen instead. While I prefer my Nespresso machine, you can also get your hands on a variety of others on Amazon like the Keurig (or this exciting one from Franke Coffee Systems), as well as locally available ones such as Nescafe's Dolce Gusto or CBTL's Single Serve Beverage System. Each capsule or pod is pressurized, giving you those deep, rich flavors with a lovely creme you get at the coffee shop. Enjoy it as is, add frothed milk, or enjoy it on ice.

Mini espresso machine

Espresso machines, commercial or home-sized, can give your space a touch of elegance and class. People tend to associate espresso with luxury, but I think being able to serve yourself a cup whenever you want in the comfort of your own home is the real luxury. 

Create a coffee corner

Keep all your coffee essentials in one place by creating a coffee corner in your home high enough so the kids can't accidentally get their hands on your coffee pot. It doesn't have to be in the kitchen, either. Put together a special spot in the study or the living room, set up so anyone can quickly help themselves to a hot cuppa Joe.

Dabble in coffee mixology

Bar cart + coffee = <3. Follow in the footsteps of local UCC Mentore and add a little pick-me-up to your pick-me-up! This takes Irish coffee to the next level, incorporating all sorts of spirits to different types of coffees – from simple lattes to cold brews. 

Stock up on cute cups

Enjoying a smooth cup of coffee is made a lot better when sipped out of coffee cups actually made for coffee, and not the builders mugs we tend to use in its place, which are more suitable for big helpings of tea or hot cocoa. After you've figured out what types of coffee you actually enjoy, you can then stock up on the proper-sized coffee cup for the job – espresso is to be served in a 2-3 fl. oz. demitasse with a handle while cappuccino is best enjoyed in a 5-8 fl. oz. cup. 

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