A cozy country home with a touch of modern elegance

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What makes an extrodinary home? For starters, it has to be wholly original and designed for life. Today we'll tour a home that does just that. Inside the traditional A-frame build we will find all-white interiors and a livable space. Innovative windows and skylights abound in this home that plays with light and archiectural lines. Let's start our tour of a cozy country home now and see it's twist of modern elegance!

Modern A-frame

The home is a modern retelling of the A-frame design. There is a classically shaped roof that creates voluminous interiors. This side of the home is fully glazed to bring light into the main living space. It looks out on the simple terrace where you can enjoy the fresh country air. We love the simple landscaping full of grasses and the potted lavender plants on the terrace. Perfectly balanced.

Rustic elegance

From another angle, the house looks more like a home you would expect to find in the countryside. A low stone wall frames the landscape and echoes the exterior wall of the home. It is built out of many earthen shades of stone and highlighted by a dramatic skylight. Windows seem to split the house in half. Check out the dark brick section of the house that props up the roof. It’s fun twist on the traditional A-frame construction.

Impressive entrance

The entrance to the home is impressive. With no traditional windows, the design offers privacy for the home and makes a bold architectural statement. The roof of the home is built from the same tiles as on the facade, creating a uniform and bold look. We love the double glass doors and the skylights that climb up along the house from the entrance!

Living room

Taking a look inside we find white interiors and high ceilings. Heavy black accents in the home bring definition to the room. Inside the open plan, separate dining and living spaces stay connected through the design. 

Above the living room is the upper level of the house. This dropped ceiling look creates a cozy feel in the living room. Scandinavian furniture mixed with earth tones create a fun and functional family room.

A-frame lines

A-frame homes create beautiful architectural lines. We love this view of the living room looking out to the entrance way. The glass enclosure of the entrance floods natural light into the home. It contrasts with the warm wood paneling on the wall that creates depth in the room.

The living room has a wood-burning fireplace. it's tucked into that black shelf that stretches across the wall. We think it's a homey touch that grounds the home in its rural setting.

Expansive home

This wide open living room creates an expansive feeling inside the home. It is luxurious, yet practical. Floor to ceiling windows with billowy curtains keep the space feeling bright. The glossy black tiles above bring more modern style into the home.

You can always talk with professionals on homify if you want to get style like this in your home. 

Light everywhere

The skylights that we saw along the length of the home culminate here in this bathroom. With so many windows above, the room feels completely open to the outdoors. The bathtub, set inside an alcove, looks inviting. Simple and minimalistic features in the bathroom give it an effortless style.

Thanks for checking out this gorgeous and cozy A-frame with us! Modern style in a rural home is an impactful way to design a space. Love the urban style of this rural home? Check out our story on an Ottawa home that's urban casual style at its best.

What do you think of this modern take on an A-frame design?

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