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9 family homes you'll fall in love with

Leigh Leigh
Pietre di Rapolano Villas
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When it comes to modern architecture, we often feel like we have to spend a fortune on a contemporary and stylish house that is as functional as it is aesthetically appealing. However, this is not the case! In fact, you can have a home that completely turns heads without having to fork out all of your savings.

To inspire you to find a budget-friendly way of achieving your dream home, we at homify have put together 9 houses that you'll fall in love with today. These gorgeous homes are mostly prefabricated  - a budget-friendly home building trend that's catching on. 

1. The traditional home

Designed by professionals PHU Bortnowski, this traditional family home features everything a family home needs from a gable roof, to a large and spacious wooden terrace to beautiful windows that connect the interior and exterior spaces. 

What more could you need?

2. Contemporary tones

While budget-friendly, this home still manages to pack quite a visual punch with its grey tones and abundance of glass throughout the facade.

If you don't have too much space for the house itself, capitalize on the garden like these designers have done. Invest in beautiful flowers and exotic plants as well as a swimming pool. 

This is a very cheap way to add living spaces to your small house.

3. Natural light

This home makes the absolute most of natural light. It features skylights in the ceilings as well as large glass windows and doors throughout. This is a very cheap way to make your home feel modern, light, bright and spacious. It will also make it feel that much bigger.

Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

4. Simple wooden facade

Opting for natural materials such as wood can save you lots of money when it comes to your home construction and design. This doesn't mean it has to be boring though!

Paint your wooden facade an elegant grey colour and you'll have the most sophisticated home on the block!

5. Mix materials

Natural materials such as stone also work very well for a home design, while allowing you to cut costs. As we can see in this image, you can pair stone walls with a simple, plastered wall for a textured look and feel. It also adds a slightly rustic touch to a modern home. 

6. Innovative

Michael Bay home in Los Angeles - master suite Pietre di Rapolano Villas
Pietre di Rapolano

Michael Bay home in Los Angeles – master suite

Pietre di Rapolano

As you can see in this image, your home can take on a very innovative, futuristic and modern design, even on a budget.

The designers have gone for a simple, minimalist cube shape with this piece of architecture. The abundance of glass is cost-effective but incredibly beautiful. 

7. Simple works too

Sometimes less is truly more. 

Go for a simple facade and a structure that features clean lines and a neat garden. The result is a very appealing and well-organized home.

8. A terrace

Once again, we can see how maximizing the outdoor space can result in the most appealing design. 

This is also a very functional addition to a home, providing a whole new area for relaxing, entertaining friends or enjoying time with family and friends.

Have a look at these 9 Fabulous and Super Smart Terrace Ideas for inspiration for your own home.

9. White facade

While many people shy away from white because of how plain it can be as well as how dirty it can get, here we can see just how stylish and serene it can look. This is another example of how simple, budget-friendly design can still be modern and chic. 

Have a look at this home for more ideas on how you can utilize white tones in your home design: Beautiful outside, even better inside: a modern family home.

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Which is your favorite house?

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