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10 creative bedroom ideas to inspire you

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Loft ESN Modern style bedroom by Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects Modern
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Is your bedroom design a little lackluster and just not cutting it these days? Sometimes the bedroom can feel like an afterthought when renovating or doing a design overhaul. But we feel it shouldn't be so! After all the bedroom is the magical place you go to have sweet dreams every night, and it should feel like your very own peaceful retreat. A serene place where you can go and rejuvenate after a long day. Not to worry we have 10 creative bedroom ideas to inspire your bedroom design.

1. Stunning light fixtures

We really love the playful feel these light fixtures bring to this room. Sprucing up or replacing your existing light fixtures is a super easy way to add a unique style to any bedroom. The colours contrast really well in this room also, everything has an apparent flow to it. If your looking for even more lighting inspiration browse through homify's catalog of lighting designers.

2 Classy curtains

This room has big bold windows and what better way to dress them up than with a set of classy curtains. The beautiful earthy tones compliment the flooring and decor wonderfully. An easy way to add a bit of texture and pop to the room is to be creative in your bedding choices, opt for bright bold colours to bring out your personality.

3. A simple yet fancy headboard

This simple but oh so fancy headboard is easily the focal point of this room. Adding a headboard or updating the one you currently have is a great way to make a creative statement in your bedroom. For a modern look and feel go for grey neutral tones and a classic light fixture. Here are some more cool lighting ideas for you to look at.

4. Stylish storage options

Having a large curved window opens up the room beautifully, we love all the natural light that is able to shine through opening up the space nicely. Storing your personal items doesn't have to be so drab and boring anymore, there are a ton of options when it comes to shelving and decor. To save on space one can go with functional built in shelving like we see in this example.

5. A cozy studio room

Just because you live in a small studio flat doesn't mean it has to feel tiny and cluttered. No sir. There are a few ways to make the space feel more open and alive with creative flair. The first thing to consider is keeping the walls white and fresh to give the illusion of a bigger room. Adding bursts of colour and a few different textures can help express your unique style.

6. A built in office

If you have the room you can create a built in desk on the wall for a mini home office. This helps make the space that much more functional. This looks like a cozy little place to sit and work on projects.

7. Earth tones

To keep your bedroom feeling vibrant and fresh try experimenting with some neutral earth tones on the walls and flooring. The light walls in this example go beautifully and contrast well with the tones in the hardwood floors. One can opt for darker tones and textures in the furniture and decor.

8. Chic + Modern

This bedroom exudes an elegant modern sophistication. The black and white theme is timeless and classy which is why we see it in so many luxury resorts and hotels. Here are some more examples of beautiful modern bedrooms.

9. Roman blinds

In this example we see a good way to dress these windows up with some soft roman blinds. They add personality to the room, as well as letting an abundance of natural light through.

10. Minimalist look

Sometimes simple is best. In this bedroom it certainly works well. The clean lines and lighter tones in the walls, paint and hardwood do a wonderful job of opening the space up. Leaning on the simpler minimalist side you can experiment more with light fixtures and decor to add your own unique spin on things. Here is a before and after transforation of a house that went Minimalist.

Are you feeling inspired to re-decorate your sleeping quarters? Tell us which bedroom design you like the best below.

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