A bright prefab home that's just so cute

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Today, we are going to visit a prefabricated wooden home in Italy, designed by professionals Eiland

This project is a wonderful example of the advantages of prefab homes as well as how they can still make for very modern and intricate structures. As we explore this home from the inside out, you will see how there is very careful attention to detail as well as how incredible the home looks considering it was constructed in just over three months!

This home also shows how a gorgeous connection between interior and exterior spaces can be created, resulting in an open and spacious look and feel throughout.

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Contemporary and refreshing

From the first image that we see of the home, we can see how modern and simple it is with its flat roof, white facade and gorgeous and spacious terrace.

The interior of the home spills out onto the exterior spaces thanks to large glass doors, which slide right back. Curtains offer the inside of the home some privacy and shade if need be.

The tiled terrace is durable and stylish, with gorgeous wicker furniture adding to its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Tip: Invest in outdoor furniture that will last in all weather conditions!

A different view

From this side of the house, we can see how there is another terrace, which spills out from the more private areas of the house. To make this space slightly more sheltered from sight, trellises have been placed on the outskirts of this area. Plants have also been used as a perimeter wall of sorts.

This allows the family to enjoy this outdoor, covered space without worrying about neighbors looking in on them!

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Natural light

If we look at the large glass sliding doors, we can see how that seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces has been achieved. The large glass windows and doors also allow natural light to flow into the home, creating a warm, light and appealing space. 

Natural light makes for a very refreshing touch to all modern homes. This is a great tip! Invest in large glass windows and doors as well as skylights if possible.

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Light and bright

As we enter the open plan home, you can see what we mean about light and bright interior spaces.

The sunshine that streams into the home works in harmony with the white walls and light wooden floors and ceiling. The interior envelopes you in warmth and charm.

The home also features a slightly minimalist look and feel where only the most functional of items are on display. Everything else is stored neatly out of sight. This creates a very organized, trendy and neat environment.

A touch of charm

From this angle, we can see how little touches of charm and personality have been injected into the interior space. A pot plant adds a subtle touch of nature while the rug brings in some colour and charm. A bookshelf allows books, accessories and decor items to remain on display.

Remember that your home is an extension of who you are so it should feature little items and pieces of furniture that appeal to your personality. Don't be afraid to use functional items such as lighting to bring in some beauty and charm. 

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