5 ways to make your home more enticing to buyers

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Selling your home is a dizzying and complicated experience. You have to meet so many realtors, inspectors, insurance dealers, and bankers. It can be one of the most stressful times in our lives.Then all your work comes to a head and it's finally time to sell! You  might have run out of  enthusiasm and you're ready to leave it all to the realtor.

Don’t lose heart! At homify, we want you to do all you can to attract the best offers. That’s why we’re encouraging you to go beyond the typical staging routines and find ways to make your home shine. Markets across canada are overheated. How do you make your home stand out in a crowded market place? Read our list of tips to find out!

1. Check out the competition

It helps to see what everyone else in your city or neighborhood is doing. Visit a few open houses before you prepare your house and take cues from them. You might find that professionally staged homes feature generic modern design and are extremely well lit. Try to copy these looks in your home and go above and beyond the competition.

2. Curb Appeal

Realtors are always throwing this buzzword around. What they mean is you should make your home attractive to potential buyers who are looking at it from the street. It's important to keep up with your landscaping if you want good curb appeal and especially the garden. Maybe even add some potted plants! Paint on the exterior walls should be fresh and in good repair. Lastly, make your entrance welcoming! Boosting your curb appeal will boost your offers.

3. Staging

You'll have to stage your home to get it ready for showings. Without going into too much detail, make your home tidy and clean. Box away personal posessions and freshen the look of your home by adding new peices like throw pillows and rugs. You want people to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. 

Don't forget about spring cleaning!

Fling open the windows and tie a bandana around your head. If you’re selling your home, it’s time to do some spring cleaning. Launder things like duvets, curtains, and rugs. Wash the windows both outside and inside. Do this all well in advance of your first showing. That will give the dust time to settle so that you don’t assault potential buyers with allergens!

4. Good Photo of the Property

There are plenty of professionals involved in the sale of the home. Chief among them for you will be your photographer and your home inspector. 

Make sure that you get professional photos taken of your home. A photographer will showcase your house in its best light and make it more attractive to buyers. 

You can also hire a home inspector for your home and let potential buyers know that you were already inspected. These small professional touches make your home shine out in a sea of competition.

5. Pack half your belongings but keep it personal

This tip is for those who have trouble decluttering for a showing. Try to have one foot already out the door when you start showing your house. That means, have half of your belongings already packed in boxes and ready to go. It helps to cut the clutter and will make your final moving day ultimately less stressful for you.

Don't erase your personality from the home entirely! While buyers might not want to see family photos, you can leave some of your belongings for display. Full bookshelves and record albums on display are inspiring to buyers.

We hope you enjoyed our list of tips to make your home more enticing to buyers! Hopefully after all your hardwork you can kick back and wait for the offers to roll in. Check out our feature on a quaint coach home for more inspiration on boosting property values.

What are your home staging tips?

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