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10 stunning false ceiling designs

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Modern homeowners today are no longer satisfied with plain old ceilings which lack any stylish touch. They are increasingly leaning towards false ceilings which don’t just look beautiful, but are extremely functional as well. They can conceal appliances such as AC vents, heaters or lighting, and also demarcate the different areas of a house without the need to install an interior wall. With a false ceiling, you can also enhance the spaciousness or depth of a room smartly. But with a wide variety of false ceilings available today in terms of colour, material, size and design, it often becomes a daunting task to choose one. These 10 false ceilings will inspire you to look up!

1. Beauty of plaster ceiling

When this apartment, which is a part of an Art Nouveau building, was renovated, the wall between the living space and entrance hall was pulled down to unite the two beautiful original ceilings. A plaster false ceiling reinforces the original ones, has enhanced their beauty and is very useful as well.

2. Smart gypsum ceiling

The false ceiling in this living room of a house near Venice is made of plasterboard and it balances the height of the staircase beautifully. Finished with gypsum lacquer, the false ceiling highlights the contemporary beauty of the wood, glass and steel staircase. Credit goes to the architects at Sanson Architetti.

3. Ceiling and furniture in gypsum

This modern and bright library in an 80sqm apartment is entirely designed with plasterboard and features a false ceiling with light around its edges. The shelves are also fitted with LED lights making for a lightweight and spacious appearance.

4. To hide heating or cooling machines

False ceilings can conceal air-conditioners and heaters admirably, and this remodelled apartment on an island in Venice proves that. The corridor features a simple false ceiling which aesthetically conceals bright fluorescent lights and AC machines as well.

5. For corridors

A sleek and elegant false ceiling like this one can create a very stylish and trendy ambiance in hallways. It softens the height of the corridor while enhancing its length, while embedded LED lights liven up the path nicely.

6. Curved false ceiling

A curvy false ceiling can completely change the appeal of an environment which lacks interior walls. For instance, while restructuring the space shown, a curved false ceiling was incorporated to demarcate the living from dining.

7. Secretive ceiling

The false ceiling in this trendy dining room blends well with the grey wall and black door, though it contrasts the sleek white furniture stylishly. The recessed lights are embedded into this ceiling for a muted, soothing yet practical ambiance.

8. Accompanied by design

The false ceiling in this beautiful and refreshing dining room supports a pair of stylish lamps which bathe the space in a golden glow. The round white table and matching chairs create a unique setting, while the lacquered wooden door adorned with a vibrant painting adds colour here.

9. Very creative!

To divide the living and dining areas shown here, a fragmented false ceiling was introduced. While the part above the dining table is embedded with longish lights, the sofas in the living space look up to neat wooden detailing. The ceiling extends towards the entrance as well and conceals lighting along its edges too.

10. Also for commercial spaces

False ceilings can redefine the look and feel of commercial spaces like showrooms and shops as well. This showroom for instance is all about pottery and sanitary wares, with the false ceiling guiding you through the exhibits. It also supports the recessed lights and absorbs sound.

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