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Besides securing your house and garden, fences impact the aesthetics of your property too. Beautiful fences enhance the value of the home and make a style statement which impresses visitors even before they reach your porch or living room. So today, we have brought you 25 elegant fence designs which will give you loads of ideas for your own project. From wood to steel, stone and concrete, these fences are all set to suit all kinds of taste and budget.

1. Simple natural wood

Simple and elegant, this fence is affordable and complements all kinds of homes. Just make sure it is waterproof and termite-proof.

2. White wooden charm

Stylish and peaceful, this fence enhances the beauty of the garden as well as the gazebo-like structure. Credit goes to the architects at Paula Herrero Arquitectura.

3. Natural logs

Crafted from wooden logs, this fence looks beautifully rustic and soothing on the eyes.

4. Light and modern

This lightweight but robust stainless steel fence is perfect for keeping kids and pets away from the pool area.

5. Textured wall

Uniquely textured, this solid wall offers sufficient security to the house and looks stylish as well.

6. For the terrace

Lightweight, wooden and painted white, this fence offers privacy to the terrace and lends a natural and chic look to the decor.

7. Beautiful stone wall

This sturdy wall not only protects the home, it looks elegantly rustic yet contemporary as well.

8. Green wall

Wooden fences are perfect for growing lush creepers besides ensuring security.

9. Wood and concrete splendour

Concrete and wood come together here to create a solid and stylish fence peppered with potted greens.

10. Zen appeal

The protective stone wall also augments the Zen-like calm in this verdant garden along with the Buddha statue.

11. Rustic and cosy

The stone wall pairs with the wooden floor and small garden to create a rustic and inviting space for outdoor pleasures. The colourful furniture lends a cheerful vibe.

12. Artistic in wood

Creative wooden gates can infuse your yard or garden with tons of artistic personality and uniqueness.

13. Double dose of wood

A double wall of wooden slats protects this garden and keeps it safe from the scrutiny of outsiders. The inner wall is light and stylish, while the outer wall is more robust.

14. Sleek iron

Light, simple and chic, this iron fence in black goes well with the concrete frames.

15. Charm of bamboos

Protected by tall, lightweight yet strong bamboos, the yard looks soothing, nature-friendly and uniquely beautiful.

16. PVC possibilities

Though it’s slightly more expensive than natural materials like wood or bamboo, PVC offers you the freedom to play around with attractive designs. It is light and robust too.

17. More PVC

Crafted from PVC, this lattice-like decorative fence looks light, innovative and very stylish.

18. Low and pretty

If security is not of paramount importance, go for low and quaint wooden fences like this. They look charming and the home looks more inviting as well.

19. When paired with red bricks

You can combine the low wooden fence we saw before with red bricks to create a rustic and fairytale look for your property.

20. Concrete and wood meet again

This concrete wall is extremely efficient in securing the house, but gets a dash of elegance and warmth through the cleverly placed wooden slats.

21. Curves are in

The curvy design of the white blocks makes the protective wall look creative, and it adds oomph to the beautiful garden too.

22. Medley of materials

Different materials like bamboos, tall shrubs and engraved steel come together to make this fence one of a kind.

23. Vibrant wall

Concrete walls don’t have to be boring. Paint them in bright colours for a stunning and energetic look.

24. Varnished wood meets red bricks

This gorgeous backyard enjoys the presence of a large red brick wall as well as an elegant fence made of varnished wood. The visual impact is stunning.

25. Smart stainless steel

With a base made of concrete slabs and the top half composed of decorative stainless steel panels, this fence looks intriguing and unique.  

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