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The architects and designers from Unit 7 Architecture showcase another one of their contemporary designs in a tour of this weekend beach home in Winnipeg. Situated in a lightly forested area near the lake, this home enjoys a setting rich in both greenery and sunlight, and the open, airy design of the home reflects the fresh, spacious setting both inside and out. This weekend getaway offers an interior atmosphere that's crisply polished while maintaining a natural feeling, striking a sophisticated balance that places the inhabitants in both a luxurious and laid-back state of mind.

​Sunlit sitting room

Much of the home's construction relies upon transparent surfaces as  a defining element of the space; this sunny sitting room accomplishes more with the absence of walls than with the addition of them. The sofa and chairs offer low and slender profiles that allow for optimal viewing, achieved through an unusually large array of windows on three sides of the room.


Arranged in a linear fashion, this neat modern kitchen occupies a small amount of space, making plenty of room for a large kitchen island and ample walkway. With the kitchen appliances lining an interior wall, the rest of the kitchen opens up to enjoy a view through nearby windows – a thoughtful design that encourages enjoyment of the sunlight and natural views that embrace the rural site.

​Contemporary blend

The living room is host to an eye-pleasing array of materials, from the soft charcoal suede of the couch to the organic textures in the wooden coffee table to the elegantly plush area rug that defines the living room space. A contemporary fireplace draws a bold contrast with white and black squares, under a wooden ceiling offers a delightful variety of brownish hues. Overall, this living room is a fine example of a Unit 7's ability to create a crisp, contemporary space that still retains an earthy, organic character.

​Hidden shelf & fireplace

The freestanding fireplace is worth a second glance – not only is this a clever way to efficiently heat the room from an unobstructed, central position, this fireplace also serves as a room partition between living room and hallway, and as a hidden shelf! A marbled beige flows seamlessly from the horizontal surfaces of the floor into the vertical plane of the mantle, creating a clean, smooth transition that stands out by blending in.

​Neutral bathroom

Here's an example of a well-designed bathroom that neither over- nor underwhelms. Effortless neutrals characterize the walls, floor, and bath features, shaping a calming environment. A large window brings light into the narrow space, its narrow shape drawing attention to the impressive height of the room and away from any restrictions in width. Well-equipped with practical storage, this bathroom is an emblem of a simple design that's both polished and down-to-Earth, with an achievable, crowd-pleasing colour scheme and layout.

​Stone shower

For a more luxurious shower experience, the architects have included a second bathroom featuring a walk-in shower defined by a wall of embedded river stones, creating a highly sensory experience that draws upon natural water themes (Note the wide waterfall shower head as well!). Housed behind a set of clear glass panes, this accessible space has a double function as a decorative visual element of the room when not in use.

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