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A Cool House On the Edge of the World

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Rustic style house by Cabana Arquitetos Rustic
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Cabana Architects, based in Brazil, are known for architectural projects that make use of wood primarily. In the municipality of Guagarema in the state of São Paulo, the beauty of their designs can be experienced at its best. At the very edge of a hill in a luscious green valley, the Casa em Guararema stands perfectly poised and looking out across the earth. The elegance and simplicity of the structure is as lovely as its surroundings. 

Who would have thought that for under R600,000 you can get a charming cabin that floats above the earth? Well, this 65sqm cabin is just the right size for an escape to the solace of nature, whether it be short or long term.

It is surely a captivating sight! Let us get a bit closer…

Perched perfection

Approaching this charming cabin, we find it perched on the hill in order that the entire home space is floating in mid-air. It must definitely be more than exciting to live here! The front door is connect to the solid ground by a seemingly levitating walkway to add to the ephemeral appeal of the floating home. 

The dark timber used in the structure and façade of the house blend in beautifully with the natural surroundings and provides a warm hue to the composition. 

Here we can also see the inwardly sloped, 'butterfly' roof which is not only functional in this cabin design but adds to the overall aesthetic of this wooden home. 

Seen from below

From this angle we can see the dimensions of the supportive poles are not as large as it seems approaching the house from the other side. Although the cabin is not elevated far off of the ground and the hill is not nearly as steep as suggested by first impressions, the view from this position must be just as wonderful. 

The elevation of the house is beneficial for more than the view, as it makes it impervious to floods and keeps all kinds of creatures at bay. The wooden beams that support the entire structure are grounded in concrete blocks to ensure security and stability. 

Positive outlook

On the one end of the structure we find a convenient balcony to look out upon the valley. The area is surrounded by a steel and wire banister that ensures safety without taking away from the view or creating a strong division between home space and outside space. This allows for an easy flow of indoors into outdoors, and integrates the house fluidly with its environment. 

From this vantage point we can see the support beams of the structure running all the way through to the roof, allowing for support on two different levels – at the floor of the house and also for the roof.  

Functional space

Now we get to see what's inside the house. With a mere 65 square meters of area space for the entire house, we would surely be forgiven for not expecting too much from the interior. However, the inside of this little gem is just as astounding as its precarious position above the earth.

Looking at the kitchen area, we find that everything which is needed for a fully-equipped kitchen is present without want. The dimensions might be smaller, but there is no lack functionality. The area also seems spacious enough to move around in when cooking, and without have to restrain your movements or activities. 

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Panoramic view

Rotating yourself to the right of this space, a complete dining area flows right out of the kitchen space and makes full use of the surface area available, without seeming cluttered. 

This minimal wooden dining table is integrated into the wall and creates a sense of coherency and whilst assuring that the minimal amount of space is taken up to ensure comfortable movement. The table is accompanied by similarly minimalistic chairs with striking blue seats and backrests, adding a splash of colour to the ensemble. 

The large windows that wrap around the corner of the building ensures that every meal is accompanied by a breathtaking show. 

In harmony with nature

Lastly, we find ourselves in the bedroom, which is just as surprisingly spacious as the other parts of the cabin. Again we see the large windows crossing from one side of the house to the next, which means that the panoramic view of the valley can be enjoyed right from bed. 

The room is simply furnished is a clear minimalist style, but the interesting textiles on the bed surely make up for visual interest in the room.

The orientation of the windows evidently allows for much sun to enter the bedroom, heating up the area with little fuss and cost. From this room we can enter back out on the balcony – a good addition to any bedroom, and especially so to one in an immense and beautiful valley. 

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