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Kitchens with an island: 10 fantastic ideas

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Kitchens with islands are all the rage nowadays, since they allow a better distribution of space and look very stylish and functional. They also help open kitchens to integrate with the rest of the house, without compromising the privacy or convenience of the chef. An island makes it easy for more than one individual to work on food preparation at the same time. So you can bond with your family while they help you with washing, chopping or plating. A kitchen island also comes in handy when you simply want to grab a quick bite, enjoy a drink after a hard day or supervise your kid’s homework while you cook up a storm! So take a look at these 10 stunning kitchens with islands and get ideas for your own project.

1. Granite touch

Granite has added oodles of personality to this bright and white kitchen, which comes with ample space for easy movement. The resistant and easy to maintain stone complements the cabinets and appliances nicely too. You can cook without worrying about spills and stains.

2. Trendy and well-lit

E2 KITCHEN arQing Kitchen



Designed by the architects at Arqing, this kitchen is very smartly illuminated to make working here a dream. A trio of stylish pendant lights brighten up the island, while lines of focused lights avoid shadows in the sink area on the left and storage cabinet on the right.

3. Creative and functional

Made of stainless steel, this very original and cylindrical chimney adds pizzazz to the kitchen. The blackboard wall is a unique and functional touch too, with beautiful white and mosaic tiles adding colour here.

4. Dash of colour

By adding small dashes of a vivid hue like red, you can spice up your kitchen in no time. It has jazzed up the smooth white and grey surfaces in this kitchen for instance. We also love how the island comes with inbuilt shelves to organise cookbooks.

5. Simply gorgeous

Black and white combines with steel and wood to create a kitchen which is sophisticated, bold and warm at the same time. Customised niches house the appliances neatly, while concealed lighting lends a charming glow to the space.

6. Integrating spaces

Thanks to its monochromatic tones and minimal designs, this kitchen looks lavish and practical. Granite countertops join hands with marble flooring and elegant wooden furniture for visual depth and interest. The dining area and airy terrace are well-integrated with the kitchen too, to make socialisation convenient.

7. Minimal and detailed

Smooth surfaces, simple and straight lines, and neutral hues make this kitchen neat and minimalistic. The water used here is completely recyclable and only the latest appliances have been incorporated.

8. Spacious and refreshing

This extremely spacious kitchen features an island in the middle, so that there is ample space for moving around while executing chores. The island comes with inbuilt cabinets as well, to make storage easy. A massive glass window offers a stunning view of the outside greenery and brings in sunlight, ensuring a tropical and refreshing ambiance.

9. Stylish yet robust

Using cement for the top of the island was a great idea in this industrial chic kitchen. It is hardwearing, strong, and can withstand the daily grind of prepping, washing, chopping, cooking and plating. The sink and stove are embedded in it for a neat look, while the stainless steel appliances complement the island nicely.

10. Size is just a number

Do you think that islands are only apt for large kitchens? Then think again. This rustic kitchen is compact yet accommodates the wood and white island beautifully. A tall inbuilt cupboard with latticed doors offers ample storage space, while the pretty stools look inviting.

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