27 easy-to-copy closets to bring some order to your life

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A luxurious house with a spacious and stylish dressing room is the dream of many. But popular belief is that only a large home can accommodate a beautiful space to change leisurely and get ready for the day. We beg to differ though! Even small apartments of less than 60sqm can be designed cleverly to squeeze in an aesthetic and neat dressing room, nook or an inbuilt closet. So here we have 27 practical and modern ideas which will motivate you to create an organized space to get dressed with ease.

1. Beautifully-measured wardrobe

It was designed by the home builders at Canexel.

2. Dressing nook near bathroom

3. Minimal and organised

6. Stylish with plasterboard walls

7. Wardrobe or small wooden cabin?

8. Scandinavian dressing room

9. Compact but modern

10. Low shelves are handy too

11. Attic walk-in closet

12. Large, walk-in and smart

13. Space-saving and neat

14. A separate room for walk-in closet

15. Small, simple and elegant

16. Gorgeous walk-in closet

17. Minimal, space-saving and affordable

18. Smart hack for shoes and accessories

19. All-white and trendy walk-in

20. Small but well-organised

21. Unique walk-in closet in bedroom

22. Spacious walk-in closet with creative corner

23. A walk-in that has all

24. White and wooden sophistication

25. Adjoining the bright and chic bathroom

26. Stunning and neat

27. Wardrobe of dreams

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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