This awesome all-white home can teach a class in Minimalism

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We’re going to Spain to broaden our minds and visit this stunning home to take a master class in minimalism. The architects at Cabre Diaz created a bold modern home with crisp white interiors. On the outside, we’ll see a clever design that brings efficiency and functionality to the home. Don’t forget to take notes as we tour the bare and beautiful interiors that epitomize minimalist design.

Blank facade

No, the facade of the home hasn’t been photoshopped out of this picture. This is the blank facade of the house. It’s a clean and bold look that’s barebones minimalist. Two levels and no windows on the front mean that the facade is a flat and featureless canvas. The perforated screen that gates in the house allows you to see out, but not in. From the street, the home gives away nothing.

Clever car park

Instead of a garage, this car park area is where one drives up to the home. Tucked underneath the house, it’s an efficient use of space. Minimalism is all about efficiency and not wasting anything. In this home, every detail has been carefully arranged to maximize efficiency and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Scenic courtyard

There’s a small courtyard at the far end of the carpark. The home is built around this square of greenery so that it acts like a private garden. Having a view to plants brings life to a clean minimalist home. At night, you can appreciate how the light falls on the perforated siding. It’s a simple way to bring more depth to the space.

Featureless entryway

At dusk, the failing sunlight warms up the cold exterior of the home. A lit up number sign shows you the way inside. This sleek entryway is cutting edge. The minimalist design in this home is bold. We love it when it pays off to take risks in your home design. It shows off your personality and makes your home uniquely yours.

Blindingly white

The interiors of the home aren’t just white, they’re blinding! Ankle-height clerestory windows bring light inside and hide the occupants from view. The polished floor is gleaming and you’re instantly drawn into the home. Check out the slender staircase! It’s so minimalistic, it can hardly be said to be there at all.

Open space, open plan

The main floor of the house is an open plan living and dining space. A glazed wall brightens the home. The dining table at the centre of the room has a Scandinavian design influence that we love. Check out the artful light fixture above! Using shades of black and pine wood, the dining space is elegant and chic. 

Behind, the living room looks both cold and inviting. The dichotomy is incredible! Bare and sparse yet homey and cozy. The wood burning fireplace warms up the living room substantially. With no clutter or extraneous furniture around, it’s easy to feel peaceful in a minimalist home like this.

Futuristic bathroom

This bathroom takes the concept of an all-white palette to another level. Washing your space in white like this makes it feel big, clean, and bright. The absence of a bathroom counter makes the minimalist design sharper. It feels like this could be a bathroom from the future!

Enough room to shower

On the other side of the wall, we find the eccentrically spacious shower. Not confined to a mere tub or tiled square, this shower takes up half of the bathroom. When you have a minimalist design, you can afford to spend your space how you like. Imagine getting ready each day in this shower fit for a king!

Ultra minimalist

The corridor in the home is full of closet doors. This is one of the secrets to a minimalist design. You need to have clever storage solutions in place so that your home remains uncluttered. Skylights above illuminate the home in lieu of windows on this wall. The bedroom is just behind this dividing wall. Lacking a door, the open sensation like we saw in the bathroom shower is one of the characteristic features of the home.

Soaking tub

There’s an oversized tub in the bedroom. It’s a bold look that’s irresistibly luxurious. Nothing in life is quite so relaxing as a bath. While some may consider it a treat for special occasions, if you had a bathtub in your bedroom, you might take a soak more often!

Last look

For our last look at the home, we’ll step into the bedroom. A small fireplace and tub make the space feel cozy. In this minimalistic house, the wood bed seems like an extravagant addition. This bright and beautiful bedroom makes minimalism look very attractive. 

Thanks for joining us in our master class for minimalism. Want to sign up for more classes? Check out our tour of a minimalist home for a modern family

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