Looks good, eh? 11 ways to bring Canadian style home

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Canadians have a lot to be proud of. We might be the best country in the world in 2017 (well, at least to visit according to Lonely Planet)! Finding strength in our diversity, Canadians embrace the new and respect the old. 

We've got a fun list today of 11 ways to bring more Canadian style into your home. Clever accessories and decor touches can make your home feel more like, well, home! Canadian style is attuned to nature. We love coffee, hockey, the outdoors, and the colour red. Get in touch with interior decorators and designers on homify if you want to get a stylsih Canadian home. 

From Tofino to St. Johns, Canada can teach a few lessons in style!

1. Faux animal skins

Pay hommage to our heritage and use faux fur accessories in your home! Our fur-trading forebearers would be proud. 

2. Hilarious accessories

These pillows expalining the subtleties of our dialect are hilarious! A fun way to bring Canadian culture to your living room.

3. Natural wood furniture

Using natural wood furniture brings indelible style and character to your home. Try going untreated and unvarnished for a distinct rustic feel that's very Canadian.

4. Frame your hockey jersey

Oilers, Canucks, Canadiens, Leafs, Senators, Flames, Jets.

No matter who you support, you can hang your team jersey in your home and bring a disticnt Canadian flair to your home.

Even if you don't like hockey, you have to admit its the most Candian of all sports. 

5. A mari usque ad mare

If you're not into hockey jerseys and maple leaves but still wnat to show your love for Canada, consider this subtle tip. 

Our national motto is A mari usque ad mare - From sea to shining sea.

Try bringing a nautical or beach theme into your home!

6. Welcome with red

Boldy paint your front door red to inject style and Canadiana to your home! Welcome guests with our special brand of Canadian hospitailty. 

7. Canadian fragrance

You can use candles to bring distinct canadian flavour to your home! Some canadian scents we love;

- campfires

- maple syrup

- coffee and cream (think Tim Hortons' double double)

 - crisp autumn apples

8. Punch up interiors with red

If you need to bring zest and energy to a room, why not use Canada flag red? It is a colour that never goes out of style!

9. New hunting lodge style

Wild animals like moose, caribou, elk, grizzly bears, and cougars are distinctly Canadian. They're powerful animals that remind us of our natural surroundings. 

Respect the true north, strong and free, by using cruelty free ways to decorate with animals. We love these faux animal head displays. Perfect for a nouveaux hunting lodge!

10. Pine and maple

Use distincty Canadian building materials like pine and maple in your design. It's a sneaky way to get patriotic in your home. We love the natural look and feel of West Coast Cedar wood in a home and the classic look of Douglas fir planks. 

11. Bring a little of the outdoors

Weather permitting or not, Canadians love to be outside. Bring plants to your home decor to give you the freshness of the great outdoors inside your home. We love ferns and plants that clean the air like snake plants.

Looks good, eh?

Thanks for reading our list of ways to get more Canadian style into your home! For more Canadian home inspiraiton, check out our feature on BC Proud: A modern home on the Gulf Islands

How do you want to bring more Canada home?

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