Fun and fabulous: Tour this family-friendly apartment

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Facile Ristrutturare Modern living room
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It’s hard to find a balance between having a fun home for your kids and a functional space where you can be an adult. 

We’re touring a fabulous family friendly apartment today with sleek style that makes it all work! Thanks to the interior architects at Facile Ristruttuare, this small apartment is a great family home. Let’s start our tour now and see how they strike a perfect balance.

Bright and spacious

The apartment features an L-shaped open concept design. A family room sits next to the dining area. The room is bright and spacious. A storage unit on the wall hides all sorts of flatware, toys, and papers. It helps the room to be uncluttered and put together. Glass panelled patio doors bring light inside and it shines off the laminate floors to make the space feel even brighter. Check out the slipcovers on the dining chairs! Families with kids are sure to have plenty of mess after dinner time. Slipcovered furniture is a practical way to clean up mess and stains.

Fun kitchen

The home has a colour palette restricted to white, grey, and the warm wood tones from the floor. This kitchen sparkles with white cabinets and a mix of grey and white features. An informal dining space in the kitchen makes for a homey spot to have a quick breakfast! We love this fun kitchen that has sleek sophistication. Check out the drawers that go back and forth between white and grey! It's’ a fun feature of this kitchen that has to be suitable for a family with young kids. Also, the kitchen has a tonne of storage so there’s no need for a separate pantry. We love the rich grey tile in the floors and backsplash because they look easy to clean and maintain. Perfect for a messy family kitchen.


Now we understand how a family apartment was kept so clean. All the toys find a home here in this playroom. Clean, white, minimalist walls and features allow for an explosion of colour from all the toys and decals. This room is completely overrun with toys. Looks like fun!

Euro chic bathroom

This simple European style bathroom is classic and chic. With little decor, there’s nothing to catch the eye or distract. Fawn coloured floors and tiling on the walls brings softness and warmth to the bathroom. A large counter is perfect for a busy family getting ready in the morning. Lots of space for blow-dryers and toothbrushes! Plentiful storage underneath means that the counter can be kept clean when the bathroom isn’t in use. Having storage areas for kids to put away their things creates good habits for them in the future.

Small but functional

The living room is a little on the small side. One dark grey accent wall compensates by making the room appear deeper. This living room is a cozy spot for the family to come together and watch a film after dinner. We love the groovy shelving that’s home to a smattering of plants. The smokey grey armchair is a fun addition to the room! Art in autumn colours on the walls brings personality and character. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean your own wants and needs get taken over! Leave the kids decor in the kid's room.

Cozy and intimate

The sofa and ottoman combo look especially inviting. A faux animal skin on the floor brings new textures into the space. It’s a bold choice to have a white couch if you have kids! Make sure that you own a steam cleaner or have heavy duty stain remover on hand. It’s not a matter of if accidents will happen, but when!

Funky and family friendly

We hope you enjoyed our tour of this funky apartment perfect for a family! With a separate play room, the home can be kept clear of kids clutter. Plentiful storage is a must, and this clever apartment fit storage in wherever it could! We love this dynamic family apartment because it balances fun and fabulous.

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