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Kool kitchens: 10 modern minimalist designs

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To make our kitchen look good, we don't need too many things. Modern trends are leaning towards more practical and minimalist designs where less is more. This creates a very elegant and understated space that is as functional as it is comfortable.

Order is prioritized in these kinds of kitchens along with pure colours and monochromatic backgrounds. These are all features of minimalist style that we can apply to our own cooking area. We can also opt for more neutral surfaces, soft textures and simple furniture, increasing the feeling of spaciousness. 

In fact today on homify, we curated 10 modern and minimalist designs that will inspire you to considered that less is more. 

1. Perfect elegance

When it comes to minimalist style, it's important to prioritize pure and simple designs. This kitchen is the perfect example, showing how beautiful and austere a simple kitchen can be.

The white tones work in harmony with the wooden floors and patterned rug, creating a very refreshing look and feel. Do you notice that the counter tops and surfaces of free of anything that isn't functional or necessary?

2. A sense of unity

In this design by professionals a3mais, we can see how white and neutral colours create unity throughout the design, achieving a minimalist and contemporary kitchen. 

Unity is very important in an integrated design like this one. It achieves a bright, soft and serene atmosphere.

3. A fresh and modern kitchen

In this image, we come across a beautiful kitchen that features a breakfast bar. It is very practical and comfortable! 

This is the best feature for a modern kitchen of a young family. It creates a very interactive and social environment, integrating spaces. Have you ever seen such a multi-functional design?

4. A perfect composition

In an open plan kitchen, you can incorporate a small breakfast bar that adds a distinctive and warm touch to the environment. 

As we can see in this image, it also introduces modern and clean lines to the environment and works in harmony with the white furniture. 

Do you see how attention to detail pays off?

5. Comfortable and organized

Order is everything in the modern kitchen. It is essential to have an organized and neat cooking area that is convenient to use and hygienic. Due to all of the time that we spend in it as well as how much of a role it plays in a home, it's also a good idea to accommodate as many family members and friends as possible in this space.

This kitchen bar would be a great option for this! Don't you love how the red colour introduces a refreshing look and feel?

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6. Aesthetic order

Minimalism demands order aesthetically too. You want to create very free, open and simple places.

In this design, we can see how the furniture is functional and practical, while the counter tops are once again bare of anything that isn't absolutely necessary.

This is because there is plenty of storage space – a must for any minimalist kitchen.

7. An ideal combination

Many times we think that when our house has a particular style, it will not be possible to introduce any other themes or styles. However, if we come across this modern kitchen, we can see how it has been integrated into a rustic dining room. The brick wall packs quite a punch!

This is a great example of simple lines and a geometric design that neutralizes and balances shapes, textures and colours.

8. With a special touch

In this image, we come across a very warm and charming kitchen. Often we don't have that much space in our kitchen but this shows us how it's possible to achieve a very functional and inviting design, even with a few square feet.

Don't you love how colours have been introduced into the space to bring a bit of charm and life to it?

9. In black and white

For those of you who love black and white, we can see what a sober and elegant kitchen the combination makes!

This is very characteristic of minimalism, where the walls are left clean and bare. The accessories and furniture introduces a black touch, creating that edge. 

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10. A white and symmetrical kitchen

This is a great example of a combination of minimalist, white and symmetrical in a kitchen that dazzles us with its luminosity and warmth.

Once again, white is the chosen colour for this simple cooking space and the room is enhanced by a gorgeous breakfast bar.

Letting these materials appear in their most simple form creates a very subtle form of beauty that is practical and functional.

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Which is your favorite kitchen?

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